A Mullet And The Fringe

As previously mentioned, in addition to the delicious Eleanor in Edinburgh, there’s another Booshniverse-related act performing at the Festival.  Paul Foot’s show, Ash in the Attic, directed by Noel Fielding is also playing at the Underbelly during August.

© Scotsgay

© Scotsgay

Andrew Doyle, writer for the the Scotsgay Fringe Blog, recently interviewed Foot and Fielding about working together and their respective attitudes to fame.  It’s a refreshingly revealing piece, allowing both artists the time and space to banter and have their say.

Fielding explains how the fame game can at times be difficult to get right, “Being famous is like having Alzheimer’s.  Most people you meet remember you, even if you’ve only met them once, because they’ve seen your shows and they admire your work.  But sometimes they unrealistically expect you to remember them too.  When we were at the height of the Boosh, performing to eight thousand people a night, we’d be meeting hundreds, literally hundreds of people a day.

“And I’d find that some of those people would approach me years after the event and say ‘I met you once, do you remember?’  When I say ‘no’, they can get really annoyed, and I think to myself, ‘If I could remember you I’d have no space in my head to even pick up a spoon.  I’d be a vegetable man.’ “

Foot’s attitude to being famous offers a sharp contrast, “There are a whole host of famous people who I have no interest in whatsoever.  And I’m very proud of not knowing who they are or what they do, so you mustn’t tell me.  I want to go to the grave without knowing.”

To read the interview in full (and find out who Dame Gillian Weir is, or why Hockney beats Hurst), click on this.  And if you’re up in Edinburgh and fancy catching Foot’s brilliantly insane show before its run ends, check out the details and buy tickets here.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Wairin for spotting this

6 Comments on A Mullet And The Fringe

  1. Aoibhgreine // August 27, 2010 at 6:54 pm // Reply

    That is brilliant. The interview is brilliant and the pictures are brilliant. 🙂


  2. The thought of Paul Foot drunk-dialing someone is making me giggle like a little girl!


  3. Thanks for posting this, the interview is lovely and the photos delightful!


  4. Thank you indeed for this interview post.
    A friend from the UK last year introduced me to Paul Foot’s comedy online and I instantly became a connoisseur. He is so naturally funny and unique, I adore him! Hopefully I’ll get to see his act live when I’m in London.
    Also nice to know Mr. Fielding’s take on fame & celebrity status. If I happen to run into to him during my stay in London this November, I’ll be sure not bother him…I’ll just give him a wave & a wink. Bless him. You can’t blame him for being annoyed at times.


  5. I would say Paul is an old style eccentric, whereas Noel is a bohemian eccentric and because of this they compliment each other really well. It makes me smile to see them hanging out with each other and enjoying each other’s company. I loved the one of them in bed! Foot and Fieling in bed together! That’s quite sexy actually…..


  6. I’ve seen Paul Foot a few times, and he’s brilliant. If you like Boosh style humour I suspect you’ll also rate him. If you live nearer London than Edinburgh you can catch him next this coming Wednesday at the 99 Club, Leicester Square. Well worth a look!


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