Flavours Of Fulcher Fancy Dress Competition!

© benmeadowsphoto

As we mentioned earlier this week in our launch post for Fulcher Fortnight – celebrating the coming of Eleanor to the Edinburgh Festival – we’re very lucky to offer you a truly unique competition.

We have a copy of Tiny Acts Of Rebellion signed by RICH FULCHER himself and an Eleanor ‘Gag-Hag’ t-shirt to give away to lucky TVO readers.  Our editor in chief is also heading on up to Eleanorburgh this weekend to provide you with an exclusive peel or two from the festival, so we may even be able to provide a few bonus prizes for runners up into the bargain.  Stay peeled for more info on the prize fund that could just grow and grow!

To be in with a chance of winning part of this expanding haul… simply send us a photo of yourself (or a friend/family member if you wish!) dressed up as one of Rich’s characters.

If you went to the Boosh tour as Eleanor, or decided to Fossil up for a fancy-dress party… or just have an Ape Of Death outfit on standby (you may be that way inclined!) – we’d love to see it!

Email us your photo to eleanor@thevelvetonion.com by Aug 28th.  Winners will be chosen by Rich Fulcher himself, and we’ll aim to publish the best entries on the site soon afterwards.

Get Fulchering!

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