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The last ten days of August are officially dubbed Eleanorburgh – with Rich Fulcher taking his Boosh spin-off character to the Edinburgh Festival in the highly acclaimed show An Evening With Eleanor The Tour Whore.  You can buy tickets for the show, which runs from 21st-30th August right here.
Before heading to Edinburgh, Rich graced Londoners with two previews of the show he’s created with Dave Brown at legendary venue The Hen and Chicken this weekend.  Several members of the TVO crew – or ‘Velveteers’ as Rich has now dubbed them – were on hand to see the show, and as Aggie (who normally resides in Sweden) was making a rare visit to the UK this week she was lucky enough to be amongst them.  This is her take on the night:

Not only was this my first Eleanor the Tour Whore show but it also was the first comedy show of this kind I have ever seen. I was thanking my lucky stars when I saw that there would be Eleanor preview shows while I was in London, and that it would be small, intimate gigs at the Hen and Chicken – a venue with so much Boosh history! I’ll admit that after hearing so much about Eleanor’s show and reading my fellow crew members’ reviews,  my expectations were soaring. I will also admit that I was won over from the moment I heard the distinctive opening, consisting of our favourite “Helloooooooooooo!”.  From then on all I could do was buckle up because I was in for a roller-coaster ride with the world’s greatest tour whore!

© mogemms

It was indeed a wild ride, as Eleanor told us of her life – starting out in Nebraska with anecdotes about her family and telling us how she was sent off to the “You Will Be Afraid Of Boys Until You’re In Your Twenties And Live With Cats Til You Are Eighty Four.” convent school. Which is where Eleanor met her then-friend, Susan Boyle. After a serious betrayal from ‘a close friend’, Eleanor heads to San Francisco and opens up a club –  a story that is a prelude to her inspirational career as a groupie in Los Angeles.

The show isn’t all fun and games though!  There are several ‘educational’ elements where the audience learns about ‘The Evolution of F*ck’ and how you cannot start out at the top – you work your way up from the drummer at the bottom. Valuable advice to any aspiring groupies (Lindsay Lohan should pay attention).  And since it is coming from THE world’s greatest tour whore, you can bet on its reliability. Packed with brilliant songs, dancing and amazing cameos the show guides us through Eleanor’s life, with its ups and downs – and ends with a final showdown with her arch enemy!

Before the show I was slightly worried that I wouldn’t understand all of the cultural references, but I came out of the show ready to embrace my inner groupie and to make Eleanor proud of me. So if you find yourself in the vicinity of Edinburgh this month you need to go see Dave Brown and Rich Fulcher’s creation, Eleanor the Tour Whore, and let her infuse some serious debauchery into your life. My hope is to see Eleanor conquer all of Europe, and for my part I would be sure to give her a warm welcome in cold Sweden.

Extended thanks to Dave Brown, Rich Fulcher and Zoe Caldwell for a great night, and for making my London trip a lot more special!

© mogemms

For tickets to see the lovely Eleanor, the World’s Greatest Tour Whore at the Edinburgh Festival, click here!

Last Friday we offered lucky readers a competition to win tickets to the Hen & Chickens preview shows.  Due to the immediacy of the competition, we didn’t have much chance to inform you of the winners.  These were Imogen Meborn-Hubbard and Cath Neary, who unfortunately had to give her place to first runner up Bernie White.  Thanks to everyone who entered the competition – we aim to have more exclusive prizes (including some more international ones) soon!

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  1. Back to where the Boosh began! The Hen and Chickens must be a good-luck charm.


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