Edinburgh Nights

It’s that time of year again: The Edinburgh Fringe Festival is here, so for anyone lucky enough to be going, we’ve got a round-up of the shows you won’t want to miss.  And for those who are less lucky, look away now or avoid being taken over by the big green monster.

© Rich Fulcher

© Rich Fulcher

As our regular readers are aware, the one and only Rich Fulcher is appearing as Eleanor in An Evening with Eleanor the Tour Whore. The show is on from 21st – 30th August at Udderbelly’s Pasture, start time 23.30. Tickets are available here,  grab them while you can as they are going fast!  If you’re wavering, read our review of one of her (his?) brilliant London shows…and waver no more!

© Paul Foot

© Paul Foot

While you’re waiting for Eleanor to arrive in Edinburgh there are plenty of other fantastic shows to keep you amused. The Noel Fielding directed show Paul Foot – Ash in the Attic,  is on from 5th to 30th except 16th, at Underbelly Cowgate, time – 19.40. Tickets for this can be purchased here. And if you’re interesting in reading more about Noel’s exciting collaboration with Paul Foot, click here.

© Colin Hoult

© Colin Hoult

Star and Writer of  ‘Zimbani(which, you may recall, featured Julian Barratt), Colin Hoult has his own show, Enemy of the World, from 4th – 30th August at Pleasance Courtyard, time – 16.45, with tickets available here. Colin is also appearing in Gutted the musical,  a dark and brilliantly funny musical that runs from 6th to 29th (not Tuesdays)

© Kevin Eldon

© Kevin Eldon

Kevin Eldon is Titting About (the name of his show) from 5th – 30th except 7th, 16th and 23nd at the Stand Comedy Club – times vary for this one so check the dates. And you can grab your tickets here.

Various members of the TVO crew will be up in Edinburgh during the Festival, so we’ll be reporting back on any of the Booshniverse-related shows that we manage to see.  If you’re up there and fancy reviewing a show for us, please visit our forum and message one of the moderators – we’d love to hear from you.

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