The Last Summer On Earth

The Velvet Onion has learnt of a very exciting new project hopefully coming your way in the near future – The Last Summer On Earth.

© Katy Darby

© Katy Darby

Written by the sublime double-act of Steve Oram and Tom Meeten – whom many of you will know from their previous short films and live shows together, as well as appearances in The Mighty Boosh as Donny the Tramp and Lance Dior respectively – the project also features Simon Farnaby and Alice Lowe alongside frequent collaborators Barunka O’Shaugnessy and Shelly Longworth, Tony Paul Way, Waen Shepherd and Richard Sandling.

Filmed as a pilot for SO Television, it’s early days for the show so far, and as such there isn’t much more we can tell you.  Hopefully it will not only be broadcast, but be given a series commission – with that amount of talent on board the tv execs would be fools not to fall in lust with the project!  We’re sure an awful lot of you out there would love to see all these comedic giants working together, so here’s hoping!

As soon as we can find out any further details on the project, we’ll chuck some peel at ya.

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