Fun With Fulcher

Our US correspondent Trixie has done it again!  After Rich Fulcher‘s book signing this week at Skylight Bookstore in Loz Feliz, the pair hooked up for another TVO exclusive chinwag.

You can see and hear them discussing Rich’s childhood, buses, giraffes knees and future plans for Eleanor the Tour Whore below.

Many thanks to Rich for his continued support of The Velvet Onion, and if you’re a Californian reader out there hoping for another fix of Booshy goodness, you’ll be pleased to know that Fulcher will be appearing on the bill for “The Greatest Concert Ever” this Friday night at UCB Theatre in Los Angeles.  You can find out more info and buy tickets over at their official website.  Judging by the description, it may see Rich revisiting his impressive Mama Cass impersonation – so you’d be mad to miss it!

Don’t forget that An Audience With Eleanor The Tour Whore – the brand new show written by Rich with Dave Brown – comes to the Edinburgh Festival from August 21st through to August 30th.  You’d be mad to miss it, and tickets for this must-see event can be purchased by clicking on the word perpendicular.

1 Comment on Fun With Fulcher

  1. Rich Fulcher is hilarious and always seems to be ‘on’.
    Delightful interview. Thank you Trixie!


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