A Dead Cat

At long last, there’s a new Jackal Film to savour.

© Jackal Films

© Jackal Films

We almost thought they wouldn’t make it, but we know Alice Lowe and Jacqueline Wright far better than that!  Just sneaking it in by June’s end, A Dead Cat features the climactic confrontation scene between Dolores and Joyce from the 1948 classic film of the same name.

Co-starring Katy Wix, it sees the chameleonic charms of Alice Lowe embracing the spirit of legendary actress Bette Davis as Delores, who has suffered the loss of all she holds dear, including her beloved kitty, Minty.

It’s an energetic two-hander, and marks six months of regular films from Lowe & Wright following a series of previous collaborations, culminating in their BBC3 pilot Lifespam, which was cruelly passed over for series commission.  However, you can watch Lifespam plus all the previous Jackal Films on their YouTube channel right now!

As we reported recently, Alice and Jacqueline travelled to Dublin last month for an appearance at the Give Me Direction Screenwriting Conference, and the pair have written about their experiences with Bobby Farrelly of There’s Something About Mary fame, the writers of Peep Show and Four Lions, and the general reaction to the films they showcased over at the Jackal Films website right now!

1 Comment on A Dead Cat

  1. Loved this short film. Alice Lowe is an amazing.
    Coincidentally, the day before viewing I had to put my dear old kitty cat down. But even in my grief I could laugh at this amazing performance.


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