The IT Crowd: Peelers Favourites

In the last few weeks, we’ve been asking you, dear peelers, to submit your top three episodes of The IT Crowd to TVO in order to determine which episode is your favourite (so far!).

© Talkback Thames / Steven Peskett

© Talkback Thames / Steven Peskett

The results are now in, and we can confirm your top ten episodes, in reverse order!  What will be crowned the Ultimate IT Crowd Episode?  With love for all three series, and the top four episodes in particular literally edging each other for the top slot, the results show that, whichever episode wins out, love for this show is almost unanimous and every episode has lots to adore.

Don’t forget the show returns for a fourth series tonight on Channel 4 at 10pm. We can’t wait!

10. Friendface

This third series episode sees the gang become obsessed with a new social networking site, resulting in Jen attending a high school reunion which ends in disaster as she is forced to ask Moss to pretend to be her husband!

9. The Haunting Of Bill Crouse

Adam Buxton guest starred in this first series episode, as a sleazy and rather dull executive who is led to believe Jen is dead in order for her to get out of a second date!

8. From Hell

Jen’s new builder may be a cowboy, so she persuades Roy to spy on him in the opening episode of series three.  Meanwhile, Douglas finds his father’s gun…

7. Are We Not Men?

Using a Football Speak phone app, Moss and Roy befriend several blokes at the local pub, only to find themselves in far deeper than they anticipated when it turns out they’re planning an armed robbery in this third series episode.

6. Return Of The Golden Child

“FATHERRRRRR!” cried Douglas, as he made his entrance to the series in this second series episode, after Renholm commits suicide and leaves the company in the hands of his roguish son.

5. Aunt Irma Visits

A very popular episode from the first series, this sees Jen suffering the effects of PMT – which somehow gets passed onto Roy, Moss and Richmond, before hitting all of male-kind!

4. Calamity Jen

The second episode of the first series was hugely popular with peelers, as Jen tries her hardest to fit into a pair of shoes several sizes too small, and Renholm wages war on stress.

3. The Dinner Party

Jen hosts a dinner party to show off her new man, Peter File, and invites Roy, Moss and Richmond as company for three female friends, with hilarious consequences in this second series classic.  The words ‘balsamic vinegar’ will never be the same again!

2. The Work Outing

A very close second goes to the series two opener, in which Roy and Moss try to convince Jen her new man is a closet homosexual, and the bloke in question takes them all to see a musical called GAY…

1. The Red Door

Perhaps unsurprisingly, though the results were very close indeed, just edging out in front is the first series episode which introduces Noel Fielding’s Richmond – banished to the IT department by Renholm for his Cradle Of Filth inspired antics, and banished behind the Red Door by Roy and Moss for bringing them down, is Jen the only one who will take pity on him, and for how long will he hold her favour?

So there you have it – your favourite IT Crowd episode.  Catch six more on Channel 4 starting tonight at 10pm.

2 Comments on The IT Crowd: Peelers Favourites

  1. Notice that four of the top six, including the top three, feature Noel Fielding….Mr. Fielding, please find a little time to reprise Richmond…pretty please….


  2. Ummm…. I think we’re missing the funniest episode of the series… The Speech is absolutely hilarious. “The elders of the internet know who I am?!!!” That and the Work Outing are the two best, and I can’t imagine why The Speech isn’t even in the top 10! I believe Calamity Jen, Work Outing and The Dinner Party are well firmed in their place, but I certainly wasn’t a huge fan of The Haunting of Bill Crouse, and even Aunt Irma Visits ought to be a few ranks lower than it is. Other episodes they forgot to mention include Moss and the German, Italian For Beginners, and Men Without Women. Gosh, one of the funniest moments of the entire show is the scene where Jen tries to explain to Moss that she got a promotion. Don’t get me wrong, I laugh hysterically at all episodes, but Bill Crouse should definitely not be up here, and The Red Door should definitely not be in first place! Perhaps a bit lower down the list maybe. All in all, the two best episodes of the entire show are The Speech and The Work Outing. Moss and the German should also definitely be up there in the top 10.


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