Fielding and Davis In Movie

Noel Fielding and Julia Davis will be appearing in Come On Eileen, the first feature film by writer/director Finola Geraghty.



Produced by Foal Film Productions and Blinder Fims, the film stars an ensemble cast including Jackie Howe, Felix Malcolm Still, Mercedes Grower, Keith Allen, Freddie Jones and Stephen Taylor along with Fielding and Davis.

The film focuses on mother of two, Eileen, as the prospect of unexciting summer stretches out before her. A new relationship suddenly comes into her life, and briefly she blooms.  However the new boyfriend, a pot-smoking ex cricketer, has problems of his own. The film treads a line between darkness and humour as it moves from its beginning in a sedate suburban cricket club to its conclusion at a music festival.

Sounds interesting?  Well you can read more about the film and see a few pics on their facebook page.  The film’s website will go live in the next few days.  Come on Eileen is being screened at the Galway Film Fleadh on July 8th.  What’s more, the director will also be attending the screening, so if you’re in the vicinity why not pop in?  The Velvet Onion would love to hear all about it if you do.

5 Comments on Fielding and Davis In Movie

  1. thats awesome. anything about noels and julias characters? Cameos I suggest?


  2. Heard on good authority that Noel will be in attendance at the screening.


  3. How strange – he’s meant to be performing stand up in Canada on 8th July:

    It’ll be interesting to see which country he pops up in! If the organisers of either event happen to be reading this, we’d love to know what you know.


  4. Hmm, my source must be wrong then!


  5. Was talking to my mate who knows the producers and apparently they had said that he was atteding, maybe he’s cloned himself!


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