Helloooooooo TVO!

Eleanor The Tour Whore has given friend of TVO and official US correspondent Trixie an exclusive chinwag after her successful American debut in LA this week.

© Rich Fulcher

© Rich Fulcher

Eleanor’s surroundings were somewhat dark and dingy, and filled with loud noises – but from her we’d expect no less!

Nevertheless, the classy gal was more than happy to tell The Velvet Onion her thoughts on audiences, breasts, plans for the future and her theories on why Howard TJ Moon doesn’t return her calls!

For those who can’t see the video, or are wanting confirmation of what they just heard – we can confirm the exclusive news that Eleanor is coming to Edinburgh for the last ten days of the festival later this summer. We’ll have more details on those shows as soon as we can – and don’t forget that UK audiences get an earlier chance to see her live show (co-created with our favourite simian Dave Brown) when it comes to the Udderbelly on London’s South Bank later this month. Tickets are available now!

Sadly the solitary July show on the 8th has been cancelled due to scheduling conflicts, but there’s still plenty of chances to sample Eleanor’s tarty treats.

And don’t forget that LA audiences still have a few chances to see Eleanor, and her close friend and potential lover Rich Fulcher in action this month – for more info, revisit this earlier peeling.

7 Comments on Helloooooooo TVO!

  1. Trixie, you are quite, quite brilliant! And if it’s possible I think I love Rich a bit more than I already did.


  2. Says on the Southbank website that the July 8th gig in cancelled. 😦


  3. Haha! Trixie that was absolutely hilarious!


  4. Trixie, you are a natural, I don’t know why you haven’t got your own show yet! I’m off to put frills on all my clothes and buy some cowboy boots.


  5. Mia, I’m not sure if you’ve seen the relevant post, but unfortunately Rich’s show on 8th July is cancelled.


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