IT Crowd Overload!

Earlier today, director Graham Linehan announced via Twitter, the long awaited air-date of Series 4 IT Crowd!

© Channel 4

© Channel 4

Episode 1 is to have it’s debut on June 25th at it’s usual place over on Channel 4, a specific time is unknown at the moment but I’m sure we’ll all be keeping an eye on the schedules, and as Linehan says himself, “Cancel that holiday!”

Another exciting burst of news – also tweeted by the man himself, is the commissioning of Series 5! Fans are fit to burst I’m sure with the knowledge of more Nerd-shaped goodness to come in the future!

Don’t forget as well, we at The Velvet Onion will also be making sure the S4 debut will be going out with a bang, so keep peeling for the build up to the big day!

3 Comments on IT Crowd Overload!

  1. yay!!


  2. I take it this means Mr. Fielding is in the new series; so gutted he couldn’t make the filming for the 3rd. I need my Richmond fix!

    Great news of the 5th series.


  3. Series 5!!!! *does a happy dance*


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