Postcards From Zimbani

The Velvet Onion have been sent fresh and wonderous images from the forthcoming comedy pilot Zimbani.

© Tiger Aspect

© Tiger Aspect

The brainchild of Colin Hoult and David McNeill, the show is scheduled for transmission on freeview channel Dave next month, and as you can see features an appearance from none other than Julian Barratt.

We’re expecting something quite brilliant from the show, which we’re told has a touch of Booshery about it – a feeling which Julian’s fantastically menacing cameo will no doubt amplify.

Dave will air the show on Friday June 4th at 10:50pm and we aim to peel you more news about Zimbani as soon as we can.

3 Comments on Postcards From Zimbani

  1. Haa, fitting location for the Velvet Onion logo on the last picture 🙂


  2. nice costume, julian going for the african dictator look with fitted velvet onion crotch batman signalling system?


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