Childmen USA!

Journey Of The Childmen – the feature length documentary by Oly Ralfe which follows The Mighty Boosh on their 2008/9 UK tour – is to receive its American premiere later this month.

© Dave Brown

© Dave Brown

The film is set to be screened at The Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, Massachusetts on May 28th & 29th.  Tickets are a mere $9.75 – and anyone who purchases The Mighty Book Of Boosh from local book store Brookline Booksmith can buy a ticket for a discounted price of $6.75.

JOTC was filmed across the mammoth 90+ date UK tour undertaken by The Boosh in the Autumn of 2008, visiting everything from tiny theaters to full-blown arenas.  The film provides an intimate portrait of life on the road for the fab five, and is essential viewing for any Boosh fan.  A teaser segment of the film was included on the Future Sailors tour dvd last year, and hopefully a full release on dvd and blu-ray is forthcoming.

You can view the trailer below, and for more details, visit the Coolidge Corner Theatre website.

12 Comments on Childmen USA!

  1. Brookline, Massachusettes? Not New York or LA or even Connecticut.
    Does anyone know if it will be run in any other locations in the US? I’ll do some research and if I find additional information I’ll let TVO know.
    Great to see the film has hit US shores. After seeing the condensed version of the film on the Future Sailors Tour DVD set it’s only natural a fan would want to see the film to its full length.
    Thank for keeping us Yanks up to date.


    • I’m with Karen. Brookline, MA is a pretty unlikely place for a Boosh screening.

      Any news on when the Future Sailors tour DVD will be released in the US?


    • brainshortcake // May 17, 2010 at 4:45 pm // Reply

      Brookline is near Boston and the theatre sounds like a great place for the film’s American debut:

      The Coolidge is the only operating not-for-profit Art Deco theatre in the Boston area and is one of the top ten arthouse film exhibition theaters in the county.


      • Honestly, I was just really surprised the film didn’t hit NYC first. We’re so used to the all the great independent works going there and LA. I’m glad it’s going to Brookline, Mass. it’s a nice place (I’ve actually been there). The Coolidge sounds like the perfect venue.
        Hopefully we’ll see the film featured in some other smaller US towns. I’ll have to call my local arthouse venue (The Charles Theater) and see if they have the opportunity to show it as well.
        People of the Boston Metropolitan area, ENJOY!


  2. Brook Towlson // May 17, 2010 at 4:24 pm // Reply

    I live in Brookline, MA and I will totally be there! Thanks for the post!


    • Does anyone know if the Future Sailors Tour DVD is awailable in region 1 (US)?


      • Hi Jenn – unfortunately it isn’t at present. The best bet would be to contact Universal, who own the rights to it, and ask if a R1 release is planned.

        We will endeavor to find out more ourselves!


      • I don’t think it’s available in the US yet. I purchased it thru Sandbag UK which I found through a Mighty Boosh Website. It was shipped via the Royal Mail and it came no later than a week. However you can only view it on your computer using the Western European setting. It’s also available through Amazon.UK. If we wait for the good stuff to reach the US, sometimes it takes a while, it’s definitely worth a UK purchase if you can do it.


  3. That’s almost six hours away from me :(:(:( I wish I could be there! I’m dying to see this documentary. Hopefully it will come to New York or someplace closer to my area.


    • If the demand for viewings of the doc is large enough, I’m guessing they may add other dates. UK dates have been pretty ramdom and ad hoc, tending to follow local, low key film festivals.


  4. I bought the live show DVD on region 2, I don’t have the patience to wait for a Region 1 release where the Boosh boys (and girls) are concerned. Truly hoping they make their way to the States again, specifically Texas or Oklahoma…trips to LA and NY might not be possible with my current/future schedule of work and school. I’m also hoping they release CHILDMEN on DVD. It’s on my wishlist.


  5. The Brookline Booksmith has been pushing the book heavily for awhile. It’s prominently displayed in the front with a little write up next to it so someone is a big fan.


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