Plans For Real Robot Army

Robots in Disguise have alerted fans via Facebook of a new plan to arrange fan meet-ups! As many would know RiD have a very passionate fan base, so this is a great opportunity for all the Robots out there to meet each other and bond over the smashing, electro sounds of Robots in Disguise!

© Robots in Disguise

© Robots in Disguise

The message states that the meet-ups will have to take place in London for convenience, but all are welcome! Relatives, boyfriends, girlfriends – and you don’t have to be a member of the fan club to come along!

They also hint at a few plans for the day, saying: “Maybe, just maybe, a little something special to unite you all as our one TRUE ROBOT ARMY! Think Flash Mob!”

If you’re interested in meeting some fellow Robots, then all you need to do is send an email to with the subject RID MEET and let them know which days would suit you best (they have between June 15th – September 30th in mind).  They’ll  then get back to you re. further plans as soon as they can.

If we hear of any other updates we’ll be right on the case to let you know, and when it all happens there may well be an Onioner of the Velvet kind on hand to let you know how it all comes together….

Tell us what you think!

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