The End Of The Road For Lizzie & Sarah

Despite stellar reviews from tv critics, mass support from Twitter’s prominent UK celebrities, a Facebook campaign and the work of this very site, we regret to exclusively announce that the BBC has passed on the option to make further episodes of Lizzie & Sarah.

© Baby Cow Productions

© Baby Cow Productions

The one-off pilot, written by and starring Julia Davis and Jessica Hynes, was broadcast on BBC2 in a graveyard Saturday night slot back in March, prompting the likes of Noel Fielding, Dave Brown, Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright and Peter Serafinowicz being amongst those who urged their followers to watch. Due to popular demand, the episode was released on iTunes reaching the Top Ten TV Downloads within its first week of release.

But it’s not enough. A comment from make-up supremo Christine Cant at her recent BAFTA presentation prompted The Velvet Onion to contact Baby Cow Productions, who made the episode, for more details, and the news has all but been confirmed – Lizzie & Sarah is no more.

The good news, however, is that we can announce EXCLUSIVELY on TVO that Baby Cow are looking to release a dvd containing the episode alongside various other one-off pilots they have commissioned in the past, and give all of us a chance to see other comedy greats in shows that were never given the chance to shine.  This will also hopefully allow our international readers a chance to see Lizzie & Sarah at long last. As soon as we find out more information about this release, we’ll be sure to let our peelers know.

In the meantime, you can still buy the show via iTunes UK by selling your soul to Apple here.

4 Comments on The End Of The Road For Lizzie & Sarah

  1. I did sell my soul to Apple, but am currently in the negotiation process of buying it back again. It’s gonna prove expensive I feel! I am gutted in a strange way. I feel like I went to a tasting of a new and exciting food that was gonna be launched onto the market within a matter of weeks. It was extremely tasty and unusual. Rather different from the usual fodder. And now the announcement that it will not be made available and all I have is the memory of a wonderful taste! I don’t understand why this wonderful programme will not be commissioned. Yes it was black comedy at it’s most savage, but it was fabulous and totally engaged me from start to finish. It must be like banging your head against a corporate brick wall when something like this happens. I would say to Julia and Jessica don’t let this knock back get you down. You are truly talented wonderful writers.


  2. That’s ridiculous! Lizzie and Sarah was amazing, so why no commission? Shame on you, BBC!


  3. That’s a damn shame! I feel bad for these two talented ladies and feel just as bad for viewers. After seeing the trailer on Youtube I’ve being dying to see the pilot (not available in US). BBC seems to be no different from American television networks, most programming must be geared towards the mainstream. I guess the “numbers” didn’t add up.
    Ms. Davis and Ms. Hynes don’t give up, you know you’ve got what it takes!
    I’ll be sure to buy a copy of the Baby Cow dvd as soon as it’s available even if I have to order from the UK. If we can do anything to preserve quality and unique entertainment such as Lizzy and Sarah, it’s important that we continue to support these fine artists.
    Although it’s bad news, I certainly appreciate that it was exclusively covered professionally and lovingly by TVO. You guys are aces!


  4. Kerry Potter // May 3, 2010 at 8:01 pm // Reply

    How do these people make these decisions?!
    Firstly they stick the pilot on in a pathetic timeslot which didn’t even give them a fighting chance and then contrary to all public opinion don’t give them a series yet allow a second series of the horrendous ‘Life of Riley’ ! There is something very wrong with that.


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