Foot & Fielding

Brilliantly bizarre comedian, Paul Foot, has tweeted that Noel Fielding will be directing his Edinburgh Show this summer.

© Paul Foot

© Paul Foot

Paul and Noel recently appeared together on the bill at Clarks as reported here on the Velvet Onion; who knows whether the deal was struck on that fateful night?  Both share a love of the randomly surreal, so we think it’s a comedy marriage made in heaven.   As soon as we hear any more detail about Noel’s involvement in Paul’s show, you’ll be the first to know.

Paul Foot is well worth checking out if you’re interested in the kind of comedy we feature here.  Still not convinced?  Here’s what other reviwers have said about his act:

It’s impossible to describe what Paul does, it’s like trying to strangle mercury. In an all too often predictable comedy universe, Paul Foot orbits his own planet. Fantastic.

Paul Foot doesn’t tell jokes, as much as have an occasional idea… and then with fumbling and pin-point accurate observational humour makes us all laugh about it for fifteen minutes.

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