Love Song

The latest short in the Jackal Films project from Alice Lowe and Jacqueline Wright is now online!

© Jackal Films

© Jackal Films

Entitled Love Song, it features Alice and Rachel Stubbings as pitch perfect chavs discussing the night before, hair tips, special gifts and undisclosed desires.  It also features a score from none other than Antony Elvin.

Alice has written about the short on the Jackal Films blog.  As an experiment, it’s a bit more lo-key than usual, and a lot less surreal than the previous short, Birdhandler, but its still laced with Lowe’s sparkling wit, and despite poking a lot of fun at a much derided culture (if indeed, the chav ‘movement’ is fit to be described as a culture!), it never loses sight of the fact that its characters, mild grotesques they may be, are human beings too.

A charming diversion from the ab-norm, then, and you can judge it for yourself below.

Don’t forget to check out previous Jackal Films projects, including the BBC3 pilot Lifespam and the liquid wonderment that is Roots over on the project’s website reet over yonder or their YouTube page down dat der linkage.

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