4.0 Beta Testing

The IT Crowd 4.0 gets its first chance to impress the public at a special BAFTA launch night next month.

© Channel 4

© Channel 4

The event will see episodes of the new run followed by a Q&A session with writer/director Graham Linehan and actress Katherine Parkinson.  BAFTA hopes other members of the cast will also be available to attend, and if we hear further details, we’ll let you know on TVO.

Tickets are free to BAFTA members, and £7.50 to members of the public, and are available on BAFTA’s website now – which also features hints on plots for the season… and we doth quote:

“Jen is looking for new challenges and applies to be the Entertainment Officer, Moss beats all records on a popular spelling show and Roy spends a disproportionate amount of time trying to convince an old friend that he is not a window cleaner.  Inevitably, there’s naked aerobics, bunking off work, marriages and divorces.”

Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?  And you’ll be pleased to know we’ll be covering the launch of the next series with a few nice surprises nearer to the time, including a way for YOU to get involved!  For more details, keep on peeling!

To buy tickets to this event, break the internet.

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