A Future For Penelope?

The pilot episode of Penelope Princess Of Pets has aired on Channel 4 this evening, and is naturally now available via 4od to UK viewers.

© Avalon

© Avalon

The show was the brainchild of Flight Of The Conchords star Kristen Schaal, alongside collaborator Kurt Braunohler – and was produced by Mighty Boosh producer Spencer Millman.  Not only did it feature Julian Barratt as wicked MP Thomas Stone, but the ever wonderful Barunka O’Shaughnessy (Beehive, Bo! In The USA, The Mighty Boosh) and the sublime Simon Farnaby featured in surprise cameos!

To view the show again, visit the 40D website now.  A YouTube version will be available soon, and we’ll provide a link as soon as possible.  If we hear anything about an international broadcast, or even a link to a version our readers outside the UK can legally view, we’ll let you know!

We here at The Velvet Onion utterly adored the show.  It was quirky, lo-fi and utterly charming, and had some wonderful one-liners – my personal favourite being: “Something to remember me by, when you’re dead!” .  And if the feedback to the pilot on Twitter is anything to go by, the demand for more episodes is very strong indeed.

Yet despite all this talent on offer, at the moment, there are no plans for Penelope to return – unless Channel 4 are convinced to commission a series.  And with Thomas Stone escaping to be evil for another day at the climax of the episode, we really need to see Penelope take him down.  Plus, a mooted Alice Lowe cameo in the pilot wasn’t possible due to schedule clashes, which just makes us long for further episodes all the more!

This is where you, dear readers, can get involved. The campaign for Penelope’s return starts here!

Simply visit the Channel 4 website and tell them how much you loved the show and would like to see more.  Click here to be taken straight to the place where the pleas must go.

3 Comments on A Future For Penelope?

  1. BabyOnFire... // April 22, 2010 at 10:02 am // Reply

    Was simply hilarious! I highly recommend that anyone who missed it last night checks it out as soon as they can! I pray for a series!


  2. I loved it. It was very funny. I do hope it gets a series.


  3. I’m dying to watch it, but I haven’t found any copies available to watch in America. 😦


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