We’ve been in touch with a dear friend of The Velvet Onion, one Antony Elvin, who has provided us with a bumper news update!

© Antony Elvin

© Antony Elvin

Elvin, who you may have noticed in series three of The Mighty Boosh [“It’s a glowstick, you berk!”], or in the recent Jackal Films short Roots, has got a number of projects on the go at the moment, and we here at The Velvet Onion will cover them all as and when they’re ready for your consumption.

However, we must start with the bad news – we regret to inform you that due to all these new commitments, Antony is no longer an active member of Circulus.  The band, which also features DeadDogInBlackBag singer Holly Jane Shears, is having a major reshuffle, and there are numerous comings and goings occuring.  The parting is amicable, and Antony will appear in the next Circulus music video, and, in his own words: he is “allowing the Elvin contraption to be comandeered for certain engagements, conditions being suitable“!

Fellow former Circulus member Will Summers is writing and recording with Antony, and the pair have started pre-production on his long awaited debut album.  Those of you familiar with his songs via Myspace, Facebook, his website, the Journey Of The Childmen film or various live performances (including a stint at Booshfest) will know his sultry smooth dulcet tones are coupled with a delightful wit – from songs about spiders floating in orbit, to the wonders of cheese, engaging in fisticuffs with Noel Fielding and an unnamed gent, or his failed attempts at gaydom.   They’re floaty, carefree, and a welcome breath of fresh air.  Imagine if David Bowie had never discovered glam, and kept making material like that of his Deram-era, and you’re not far off – so the news of an album is something we at The Velvet Onion are most excited about!

And it doesn’t stop there!  As well as his other musical projects with Princes In The Tower and Stefan Melzak, Antony is writing his own comedic radio project, and further comedy is being written & recorded with his brother Nicholas Paul.  He’s also composed new material for the next Jackal Films project from Alice Lowe and Jacqueline Wright… and as we reported recently, has teamed up with Alice to bring the stars of Roots to life as Hot Brew at two gigs in London next month.

Now you can see, of course, why dear Elvin has had to depart Michael’s Garden… but the rewards will be more than worth the wait.  As soon as we hear more, we’ll be sure to point you to places you can nibble on nuggets of Antony’s gold.

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