Bunny and The Bear

Paul King has been confirmed as the director of the forthcoming Paddington Bear movie, according to Australian news site, Herald Sun.

© Zimbio

© Zimbio

King’s trademark visual style of mixing live footage with animation should allow the film to remain true to the  1970s TV series, while bringing it up to date for today’s audiences. Paddington fans will be reassured to hear that Paul plans to be sympathetic to the original Paddington, saying “It’s not like I’ll be going, ‘OK, he’s gonna be a hip hop bear, he’s gonna get into street fights, he’s gonna pack a knife’. There’s none of that business. He likes marmalade sandwiches and pottering in the garden and has a green front door. I’ll be a traditionalist.”

This story was initially picked up by The Sun, who mis-reported that Noel Fielding would be playing the part of Paddington’s cousin – a half man, half beast who also comes from Darkest Peru.  This has since been denied by Noel.

Now that the Paddington movie has been confirmed, let’s hope that Paul and the Boosh manage to coincide for long enough for him to direct the Boosh movie …as and when it’s ready!

2 Comments on Bunny and The Bear

  1. Amen! Bring on the Boosh movie before Paddington!


  2. I can’t wait to see this! I loved Paddington Bear as a child, one of my 1st ever toys was a Paddington teddy bear!


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