Onion On Site: Boosh Apple Q&A

As reported last week here, yesterday evening the Mighty Boosh visited the Apple store on Regent Street to answer a few questions from fans. As ever, we made sure one of the Onion crew, Baby_on_Fire, was there to experience it on your behalf and report back.

There really is nothing like rushing straight from your detested day job to the Regents Street Apple store for a Q&A with some of your comedy heros. Hundreds of Boosh fans sat at the back of the swanky store awaiting the entrance of Julian, Noel, Dave and Mike. They entered to the recognisable sound of the TV show theme tune and took their places beside the interviewer, NME’s Paul Stokes.

The first topic of conversation for the event was their recent-ish Future Sailors tour DVD. A series of clips were played, including the Future Sailors song intro, some double act banter, and my personal favourite – Naboo and Bollo’s gangster-pimp style entrance. It was a real pleasure getting the opportunity to watch the boys watch themselves. I’m still unsure whether they were laughing at themselves out of pride…or out of humiliation! They talked about being underprepared for the live show, how they had dates at the O2 arena already booked, while only a month before the start of the tour the show was still incomplete. As they pointed out, the lucky fans who were able to go the several shows thoughtout the 6 month tour would attest to the fact that the first and last shows were completely different to each other! They also talked through some of the things they got up to on tour – including making garlic flavour smoothies, and a Vodka and Beroca concoction Julian saw fit to name Verodca!

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Naturally, the topic of the Boosh Film was broached, and The Boosh briefed through their idea’s. It sounds as if they are still between two main concepts; an adventure-type epic & a Rocky Horror style underwater musical! Either way, it sounds as if a complete script is still quite far in the distance, so no holding your breath for that. However if we know them well enough it’s pretty accurate to assume that it will be done in due course with a lot of thought and careful consideration put into it.

The album sounds well on its way into production, with many songs nearly completed. There is an obvious passion for the music: they discussed how Noel and Julian can write a song in an afternoon whereas a scene for the show could take weeks. They have always been known to have mostly musical influences rather than comedic, and this comes across in their work to date – as Julian stated at the event: “When I’m writing songs – I’m in heaven.” They only thing they are having issues with is how to release them – as an album, as a series of ep’s or something grander. But be prepared for Boosh Music to get to us as either a virus or a serenading hairbrush!

The floor was then opened for questions and as the mic was handed to someone who asked “Noel, would you ever bring out your own fasion line?”. Then another shouted: “Noel, why is your hair blonde?” and the entire store filled with groans! Noel attempted to skip through quickly as another audience member asked a ridiculous question about his stand-up which to be completely honest, went in one ear and out the other for me. A few more unusual questions were asked, such as “Who – if anyone – are the characters based on?” It seems most are based on family members, whereas Rich’s are all based on his mother!

As the evening was evidently coming to an end, I jumped to get my questions in on behalf of The Velvet Onion. First of all, though I felt the need to praise Julian for his work on the short film Curtains (his directorial debut)! I then asked Dave about his photography: who went on to confirm that he does have plans for an exhibition or book!

The oppotunity at that point couldn’t have been more convenient for me to plug The Velvet Onion. Most of the boys were fully aware of us which was flattering enough. Noel then went on to admit that he reads his warm-up reviews, stating that they are “Intense” and that “They are good actually”. It was joked that even Noel would visit the Onion to see what they were doing next. Good feedback all around – and we’re glad to have you all amongst our readers, gents!

And with that the night came to a close and the boys headed upstairs to surf the satellites to Jimmy Fallon. Judging by the several cameras scattered around the shop floor I would assume that the Q & A will be released online by Apple at some point. So keep your eyes peeled, obviously we will be too!

The Mighty Boosh Decider app is available now for iPhones, iPads and some iPods. Buy it via the iTunes store now.

9 Comments on Onion On Site: Boosh Apple Q&A

  1. Thanks for writing this up – great to ahve all the detail! “Intense”! Hahaha – awesome!


  2. I was there yesterday and it was brilliant. I agree on the whole questions thing it was the same old questions and a bit embarassing at times but oh well I’m sure those people are very happy they got to ask their questions even if they wern’t original.
    Brilliant night and like you said with the whole watching them watching the clips of the tour it was quite nice to see.
    I liked the IToom, light house, flooded hotels, tomatoe trousers and when they did a small bit of crimping – they were some of my fave moments.


  3. brainshortcake // April 8, 2010 at 6:59 pm // Reply

    Great report! I really hope Dave is able to publish a book of his photography.


  4. It was a fun night, informative and a good laugh. I think Julians idea of iTooms was bloody brilliant!


  5. aw I hope that the q&a will be up on their site soon…I want to see it πŸ™‚


  6. Ahh i was there it was incredible! Im the girl who asked Noel about the fashion line πŸ˜€ I was dead happy i got to ask noel somthing!! I am completely in love with him!! It was without a doubt the best night of my life as Noel signed my friends Boosh Book and my Boosh Poster πŸ™‚ Im chuffed i got a mention on here aswell!! Jullians Itombs was halarious and Noels Dance video joke was one of the funnyest things he has ever said, Me and my friend were crying when the came in XD It was the best thing ever!! And if anyone has the link to the podcast Pleasee can you put it down?! I would be off my tits on happyness πŸ˜‰ Thankk youu and this is better than the NME reveiw in my opion!! xxx


  7. Ahh i was there last night it was incredible !! Im the girl who asked Noel about his fashion line πŸ™‚ I was soo happy i got to ask him somthing as i am completely in love with him !! Im chuffed i got a mention on here so thank you!! Jullians iTombs was genious XD and Noel saying about bringing out a dance video was one of the funnyest things he has ever said !! The whole night was brilliant the best night of my life!! Untill mine and Noels wedding night πŸ˜‰ Ahaa Thank you for this reveiw its really good! So much better than NME’s !! Well done!! And if anyone has the link for the Q&A please post it !! Thank you so much!! xxx


  8. BabyOnFire... // April 18, 2010 at 1:44 pm // Reply

    Glad to hear you enjoyed the night too Abbie. And thanks for the nice feedback on the review.
    I don’t think there will be a podcast of the Q&A but I can imagine that Apple or the production company that were taping it will bring it out online at some point, hopefully soon.


  9. I went aswell with Abbie. I totally agree best night EVER!! It was really overwhelming when they came in, like being in the same room as the Royal Family or something. I was so glad that I sort of half talked to Noel. As he walked past I shouted NOEL!! At first he didn’t hear so I shouted again like ten times louder. And he was like “what is it?” and I asked him to sign my book. I was soo pleased that he did even though he had somewhere else to be, and we were the only two people to get signatures before they left πŸ˜€ Plus we nicked they’re water bottles πŸ˜€ lol. Definately better than the NME review xxx


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