Jurassic Parke

Eleanor The Tour Whore has teamed up with a hot new talent Stephen Grentnert to make a new and powerful piece of art entitled Jurassic Parke.

© Rich Fulcher

© Rich Fulcher

It’s cutting edge stuff, and something we’re sure our readers will appreciate. And that director certainly looks familiar from somewhere…

Don’t forget Australian fans can catch Eleanor in action at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival right now {more info}, and she returns to London for a string of shows in June and July.

You can see the video and more on Rich Fulcher’s YouTube channel, or, if you’re lazy, you can view it right here now!

In reality, of course, this is the work of Rich Fulcher and Steve Oram, and has come as a joyous surprise on a quiet news day. Who says every day hasn’t got a bit of Boosh in it somewhere?

5 Comments on Jurassic Parke

  1. Awesome! I can see a big future for Eleanor and her talented director.


  2. Hollywood next!


  3. How does Rich make such a goddamn beautiful woman?


  4. Genius! I laughed out loud, especially towards the end when Eleanor’s emoting with the dinosaur.


  5. wow. (s)he is more female than most women I know.


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