Penelope Princess Of Pets

Julian Barratt stars in a new one-off comedy special from the mind of Flight Of The Conchords star Kristen Schaal, at the end of the month for Channel 4.

© Avalon

© Avalon

Schaal has written the show, entitled Penelope Princess Of Pets, with her co-star Kurt Braunohler.  In it, she plays the titular role of Penelope – a young lady with the ability to talk to animals.  Together with her orphan friend Kyle (Braunohler) and her pet bird Ruby, she travels to England where she was only 3762 hours to save the world from the evil MP Thomas Stone (Barratt).

The show was filmed last year, with Mighty Boosh producer Spencer Millman in charge. It will air as part of Channel 4’s Comedy Lab on April 26th.

As soon as we have an exact air-time, and any more details on the show, we’ll post them here for your peeling…

Editors note: thanks to “Star Shaped One” for this news story!

2 Comments on Penelope Princess Of Pets

  1. Goddamn, Onion you’ve done it again! I don’t need my Mighty Boosh Google Alerts with you around! (they were useless anyway)…


  2. Looking forward to seeing Mr Barrett as the evil M.P – a role which I feel he would excel in – with a cheeky glint in his eye of course! Sounds an interesting plot line!


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