Wake Up To RiD

The new single from Robots In Disguise is to be released on 19th April.

© Robots in Disguise

© Robots in Disguise

Picture the scene, crowds circle over 2010, the robots are on tour again…”

Not only are the Robots currently on tour but the video for the new single “Wake Up!” launched today. The song was inspired by a TV ad for the cosmetic company Barry M and is described as a “a catchy psychedelic pop-punk stomper”. Robots in Disguise’s own Sue Denim explained that the song “is an anthem to creativity and self-expression for all -including being artistic with make-up!”.

You can watch the video on Barry M’s website, as well as via the link below.

“Wake Up!” will be available for download from iTunes from 19th April for the mere sum of 79p. Make sure to support the Robots in their world domination scheme!

1 Comment on Wake Up To RiD

  1. Went to see them last weekend at Sheffield, absolutely fantastic. The girls looked more gorgeous than ever, sounded great, and went spectacularly well with support band ‘Scream Club’.


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