The Trilogy Of Boosh

Yet more reports are coming in about the possibility of a trio of films from The Mighty Boosh.



In an interview for BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat segment, which mostly rehashed what we’ve heard from recent interviews with Absolute and Such Small Portions, Noel Fielding again suggested a trilogy of films is planned, with the first film returning to their old familiar haunt of the Arctic.

“It’s going to be quite an adventure. I don’t know how much money we’ll have so we’ll have to be a little bit careful.

“In our heads it’s like Indiana Jones, it’s huge, but obviously it’ll probably be more like Moon where we can have an exterior and then lots of models and CGI.

“It’s set in the Arctic and we get caught up in an adventure. I’m pretty pleased the way it’s going. I’m quite excited. Fingers crossed but I don’t want to jinx it. It might be awful.”

And there’s further progress on the notion of a Rocky Horror type musical from the boys, and a suggestion that the album is nearly finished.  To read the full interview, visit the Newsbeat website.

2 Comments on The Trilogy Of Boosh

  1. I think it’s hilarious that in the Newsbeat article Fielding’s quoted as saying the films could be “road movies”. What he said in the Absolute interview was that they “could be” like the “Road to…” films – i.e. Hope/Crosby! Quite a difference in style! But presumably the Newsbeat reporter is too young and/or insufficiently culturally aware to pick up on that reference.


  2. excited!!!


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