Boosh Movie Director Confirmed?

The Mighty Boosh may have lined up their regular collaborator Paul King for directorial duties on their forthcoming movie, according to The Times.

© Zimbio

© Zimbio

There was little doubt that King, who directed all three seasons of the tv series and their last two live tours would  be in the running for a return to the Boosh fold.

But with his star in the ascendent thanks to Bunny And The Bull and the forthcoming Paddington Bear movie, there was a strong possibility Paul would be fully booked up when the time came to film.

However, in an interview today with The Times to promote Bunny…, King commented on the progress of the film, and his hopes to fill the director’s chair.

Julian and Noel are up and running in writing for The Mighty Boosh film that I hope I may direct. I hope they succeed in writing the great script that I know they’re capable of writing. I don’t see why that should spell the end for the Boosh. I don’t think they’ve outstayed their welcome. They’ve been doing it for long enough now and they don’t seem to be running out of ideas. I think most people think that because they talk about pop stars all the time it’s aimed at 17-year-old Goths but really it’s got great heritage and a much broader appeal than that. If things go well they could break out to an even wider audience.

You can read the full interview now over on The Times website, and Bunny And The Bull is available on dvd & blu-ray now.

Editors note – thanks to duryea on the Boosh Forum for alerting us to this story!

5 Comments on Boosh Movie Director Confirmed?

  1. Absolutely cannot wait for this film to be made!


  2. I’m not a 17 year old goth (I did however used to be!) and I definitely think they have a wider appeal – I think their work spans the genres age wise! Looking forward to a film immensely and I am pretty sure Paul King will end up directing it. He wont be able to resist!


  3. It’s brilliant news that Paul King is (hopefully!) lined up to direct the Boosh film. I LOVED Bunny & The Bull – I think Paul has a unique visual talent, and I’d like to think that this movie is the first of many he directs. BatB is one of those films that casts a spell over you as you watch it – you forget where you are as your mind becomes immersed. When I saw it and the end credits rolled it came as a surprise to realise that I was still in a poky cinema in Soho!

    To me, Paul King’s directorial style is as much a part of what makes the Boosh what it is as the content of the show. It wouldn’t be right if someone else directed the Boosh film.


  4. Shinusuke Akki // March 30, 2010 at 11:03 pm // Reply

    Was I a fool? I just presumed that he would. Why wouldn’t he? This is the boosh I mean… did others really not think he would? Who else would do it?

    I am luring my friends in to a bag with strawbery laces when this comes out and will then be stealing them so we can watch the movie together.


  5. There was talk a while ago that they were looking at other directors. Spike Jonze was even mooted, although I doubt he would have been free to do it.


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