The latest film in the JackalFilms project is now online!

© Jackal Films

© Jackal Films

Birdhandler stars the ever-brilliant Tom Meeten as an egg-eating avian fanatic with a very special creature in his care. Written by (and co-starring) Alice Lowe, and directed once again by Jacqueline Wright, Birdhandler is another fine treat from JackalFilms – and had me in hysterics within minutes. There’s a great little twist and cameo appearance at the end, and Alice sure knows how to gurn with the best of ’em!

Watch it below, and check out the other JackalFilms projects on their website.

1 Comment on Birdhandler

  1. I really liked this little film. Alice certainly has got the bird expressions down to a tee. I used to have a budgie as a child (he was called Beauty) and watching her really reminded me of him! All she needed was a cage and a little mirror, oh and a little bell to head butt when she wants to get rid of a little pent up energy!


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