“Helllllo Australia!”

Last night Rich Fulcher kicked off his Australian tour as Eleanor the Tour Whore with a show in Melbourne.  Friend of the Velvet Onion, ‘Jacq of Clubs’ was there to witness the mayhem and has sent us this report:

© Rich Fulcher

© Rich Fulcher

“From the moment she runs onstage, Eleanor the Tour Whore has you. It’s a strange measure of the man within the woman but Eleanor just works, moving from one bout of lunacy to another.

I have to admit that when I went I fully expected to be shouted at amongst something a bit pell-mell.  But last night’s show has certainly shown me just how professional the boys are, regardless of how crazy they appear. They’ve made ridiculousness an art, and last night was a wonderful example. Rich knows how to work the stage and script and this, in between fits of laughter, becomes obvious once you’re in Eleanor’s boudoir and shackled to the chairs.

How well the show went down as a whole is a mark of the amount of work that has been put in by Rich, Dave and everyone else behind the scenes. Rich took us through the ups and downs of his foxy siren Eleanor, with anecdotes that had me in tears, and everyone else cackling away.  Eleanor is a woman who knows who she is and struts it across the stage, throwing it in your face and dragging it out through your ears – and you don’t care. You can tell from the first few moments that this is what Rich Fulcher loves and he does it well. The persona takes over and he just doesn’t mind. It’s clear he loves it and bloody well so do we.

While things got out of hand a little, (The Q&A in particular, where a man at the back needed to know how good Howard is in the sack), I know that over the weeks the show continues it’s only going to get even more insane, and I’d love to go back and see it again towards the end just to see where the smexy Gag Hag has taken it. It’s a fantastic show, celebrating the glory that is our favourite Tour Whore with Rich strutting his stuff, Dave Brown at the helm and enough wine to last through all the anecdotes they can give. It’s a show that for an Aus who hasn’t been Booshed live before.  I can’t recommend any higher – and it’s not just deprivation talking.

Let Eleanor touch you inappropriately, I guarantee you’ll enjoy it.”

Rich Fulcher brings An Evening With Eleanor The Tour Whore to the Victoria Hotel, Melbourne, until April 18th.  Tickets for the remaining shows are still on sale.  To buy them, click here.

4 Comments on “Helllllo Australia!”

  1. KristyClaws // March 27, 2010 at 11:32 pm // Reply

    Great review! Hope Eleanor continues to whore it up with some shows in the U.S. too…


  2. Glad to hear that Eleanor is going down well in Aus – it is after all what she does best. LOL! I saw the preview show in London and it was just a brilliant funny night. I can even forgive the bitch for having the audacity to try and steal my wardrobe! But only just………….Keep up the good work Eleanor (and Rich).


  3. Great review, written pretty much exactly how it was…. I was there too Friday night.
    I thought it would have been a little bit more saucy, but I guess I am used to Rich from all his past works over the years and seeing live in the UK 08′ as part of the Boosh live tour.

    I agree this is a great intoduction to the rest of Austalia who have yet to discover the awesome talents of Rich as a comedian in his own right and of course in the Boosh… which I suspect is also the testing ground for the possibility of the Boosh finally touring here???

    We too had thought about going to another show towards the end of the residency to see how it pans out…..




  4. Eleanor the Gag Whore needs to get her baaaad self to the States!


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