Lizzie & Sarah For Sale!

Time for a Velvet Onion EXCLUSIVE – Lizzie & Sarah will soon be available for purchase via iTunes.

© Baby Cow Productions

© Baby Cow Productions

The pilot, written by and starring Julia Davis and Jessica Hynes, was broadcast on BBC2 last weekend to rave reviews despite its ridiculously late timeslot.  As we reported at the time, the black comedy was given heavy celebrity endorsement over on Twitter, with the likes of Noel Fielding, Dave Brown, Peter Serafinowicz, Chris O’Dowd, Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and many more urging their followers to watch.

It’s popularity has led to its makers, Baby Cow, to offer the full episode for download on iTunes, hopefully on Monday – though this may be delayed until Tuesday.

The price?  A measly £1.89.

What better way to show the BBC there’s an audience for this show than to give less than £2 to own a copy?  Strong sales could boost its chances of going to series.  We’ll hopefully be able to provide you with a pre-order link later this weekend.  Keep peeling the Onion to find out more.

If you’ve not seen it yet (why not?), you can catch it on iPlayer until the early part of Sunday morning.

2 Comments on Lizzie & Sarah For Sale!

  1. That is an absolutely fantastic price. Amazing! This is great for me cos at the mo I don’t actually have a t.v (well I do, but its a long story) – I have no connection where I am living. So to be able to download it and watch it will be cool! Cheers x


  2. Very cool! Now the world can see. Saw the trailer on Youtube and it looks amazing. Can’t wait to get my copy and see the whole thing.
    Thanks for the good news.
    Best Regards


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