The ‘Lizzie & Sarah’ iPlayer Challenge

We at The Velvet Onion love an underdog, and Lizzie & Sarah is no exception.  

© Baby Cow Productions

© Baby Cow Productions

The new pilot from Julia Davis & Jessica Hynes has been buried in a graveyard slot this evening, and its been up to friends of the pair (including Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and our own Noel Fielding and Dave Brown) to plug the show for them!

Which is of course, a crying shame.  Harking back, perhaps, to Dawn French’s Murder Most Horrid series, the pilot was dark and inventive, and built up nicely to a wicked climax.  It deserves widespread recognition, like so many of these forgotten pilots do (lest we forget the might of Lifespam – a show that deserved so much more).

Now naturally, it now appears on the BBC’s iPlayer service for the next 7 days.

Whereas tv ratings are determined by selective sampling, iPlayer ratings are generated by the actual number of genuine views shows receive.

As such, we’re urging our UK readers to rewatch the show on iPlayer as much as possible in the next 7 days.  If the show makes a splash online, it stands a stronger chance of being picked up for a full series.  The radio work of Julia & Jessica together centers on a variety of characters, so this show definitely has potential to grow and grow, limited only by the imagination of its two writers.  The added bonus of Stephen Evans, Mark Heap and Kevin Eldon‘s involvement make this all the more exciting.

You can see the show on iPlayer right here!

Post the link on your websites – post it to your Facebook/Twitter/Myspace/Bebo/Whatever pages, blogs etc – email it to your friends – tell yer mates… do whatever you can to make sure people watch it.  Let’s see if you Peelers can make a difference!  Paws crossed.

13 Comments on The ‘Lizzie & Sarah’ iPlayer Challenge

  1. Will this be on youtube or the like any time soon? I can’t iPlayer it as I’m out of the country 😦


    • Anna – unless its an official link from BabyCow or the BBC, I’m afraid we can’t tell you any more. It may turn up on Youtube, though – so keep your eyes peeled!


      • I’ll keep looking about as I really want to watch it.
        I sent the link to some of my friends back home and got a very heartfelt “Anna, thank you from the bottom of my heart for bringing this gem of a comedy into my life….I feel very sad that you can’t watch it… course we will be having a marathon (if the BBC commision a full series) when you return in summer. Oh I am sure [we] are going to get to know the lines of this TV series very well” in return. Sounds like I’m missing something great!


  2. Kerry Potter // March 21, 2010 at 12:37 am // Reply

    I’ve just watched the pilot on BBC2 and its brilliant! It deserves a much better timeslot though, so I urge people to take up the iplayer challenge so that Lizzie and Sarah get the deserved recognition and hopefully a decent timeslot! The characters are already so rich and well thought out there are boundless possibilities for them. It’s also fantastic to see two great female comedy actors take the lead.


  3. Show your support and become a Facebook Fan of Lizzie and Sarah


  4. Yet another reason why it’s such a shame the iPlayer doesn’t work in my country!


  5. Lisa Guastella // March 21, 2010 at 8:16 pm // Reply

    I watched this quite by accident and loved it! Shame on BBC for hiding it – more Lizzie & Sarah please!


  6. Just watched Lizzie and Sarah on iPlayer and it was so funny!! I am going to tell everyone I know to watch for sure!


  7. Why would ANYONE want this show to get a series?! It was full of grotesque characters, crap storylines and totally unbelievable set ups. I love Julia & Jessica but this was a serious misfire. Where the hell are they gonna go with Lizzie & Sarah after cramming a series worth of plot into 30mins???


  8. Great program have not laughed out loud so much. Please please make more.


  9. That’s the point Sunny. The Boosh don’t try to emulate reality, they create their own. Lizzie & Sarah is firmly rooted in our world – ergo the set ups, plot & characters came across as totally OTT. Me thinks there’s a bit of “Emperor’s new clothes” going on with this pilot anyway. Certain parts of the media, some famous twitterers and a few sympathetic blogs are clearly banging on about how good it is because of who’s involved, NOT what’s onscreen.


  10. oh please robin, it’s ok for you not to like it, but accept that some people do like it! it was great, I do hope we get to see more.


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