The Guardian Vs The Beeb

UK newspaper The Guardian has launched an attack on the BBC’s scheduling of the new pilot from Julia Davis and Jessica Hynes.

© Baby Cow Productions

© Baby Cow Productions

Lizzie And Sarah is being transmitted on Saturday evening at 11:45pm [00:15am on Sunday morning for viewers in Scotland], and promises to be a treat. Noel Fielding, Dave Brown, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright are amongst those who have taken to their Twitter accounts to plug the show to their faithful fans.

The Guardian’s issue is with the timeslot.  It’s not the first time a pilot that breaks the conventional mould has been buried in a graveyard slot  – our readers may remember that Lifespam: My Child Is French from Alice Lowe, Tom Meeten and Steve Oram was thrown out at 11:45pm on a Sunday evening on BBC3 early last year, and back in 2008, Adam Buxton had to lead a one-man crusade to publicise his similarly afflicted pilot meeBox to no avail.

Both these pilots were never taken to series, due to a lack of viewer interest – hardly surprising given the slots they received.  In order for Lizzie And Sarah to make a splash, we’ll be providing iPlayer links as soon as we have them – and we urge you to take a look at this fresh work from two of the most talented writers this country has to offer.

You can read The Guardian’s article here, and by clicking here you can join BabyCow’s Facebook event for the show too.

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