She’s With The Band

Rich Fulcher has been interviewed by Australian newspaper The Age, in preparation for his forthcoming appearances as Eleanor The Tour Whore at the Melbourne Comedy Festival next week.

© Rich Fulcher

© Rich Fulcher

You can read the fascinating interview, which covers Fulcher’s work with the Boosh, the inspiration for Eleanor and the unusual way he entered the world of comedy over at The Age’s website.

Tickets for An Audience With Eleanor The Tour Whore are still on sale.  The show, directed by Dave Brown, who is flying out to Oz tomorrow to help Rich stage the show, will be at the Victoria Hotel in Melbourne for a four week residency starting March 25th.

For tickets, click on the word aeroplane.

1 Comment on She’s With The Band

  1. Thanks for the interview. Having 2 Boosh members in Australia just makes our Country a whole lot brighter.


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