Spicks And Specks

Rich Fulcher is to appear on Australian quiz show Spicks And Specks.



The show, presented by Adam Hill, is the Australian equivalent of Never Mind The Buzzcocks, and is generally taped the week before transmission on the ABC  TV channel.  This week’s episode airs on Wednesday at 8:30pm, and its safe to assume that Rich’s appearance will be shown at the same time in a couple of weeks.

Rich tweeted his appearance was forthcoming last week, and is attending a taping of the episode this evening.  His most recent Tweet on the subject suggests he may be in character as Eleanor.  We’ll keep you posted as soon as we know more about a transmission date!

For more info, visit ABC TV’s official Spicks And Specks website, which will no doubt be updated after transmission this week.

UPDATE: We originally told you the episode may be on air next week.  It appears it’s a few weeks off yet – stay tuned for more info!

3 Comments on Spicks And Specks

  1. Cannot wait for next Wednesday Night.


  2. Cannot wait till next Wednesday Night. Joy oh Joy Australia is getting something for once.


  3. Finally some booshiness on Australian TV.

    Also it’s Adam Hills not Adam Hill. 🙂


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