Noel Tweets His Last?

Sometimes, deciphering Noel Fielding‘s Tweets is nigh on impossible.  What has seemed to be incoherant ramblings, however, has turned out to be related to his new material – Fielding using the social networking site almost as a virtual post-it note to remind himself of an idea he can return to later.

© Dave Brown

© Dave Brown

His latest Tweet, however, is also somewhat cryptic.  The first part is simple enough – a plug for the new Julia Davis/Jessica Hynes pilot this weekend we told you about on a few days ago.  But the latter part is open to debate.

It certainly appears to suggest Twitter has outgrown its usefulness to Noel.  Whether this is due to his material being virtually complete for the time being, the string of negative messages he (and his partner) have been receiving in the public stream, or just that he’s gotten bored of updating it we may never know.

Time will tell if this really is the last glimpse we get into the workings of his mind, but it’s been a pleasure enjoying that crazy, madcap world of his, even for a little while.  And if this is the end, how sweet of him to plug a friend’s work as his final sign-off. Come back soon.

12 Comments on Noel Tweets His Last?

  1. I was up unusually early this am and saw his tweet and it made me feel really disappointed and sad. I shouldn’t be so effected but it’s really too bad, his tweets were fun and they made you think.
    But, I’m sure he’s a busy man and if it’s true, he has his reasons and it’s his business. Still, I applaud his efforts, his talent, and yes, even his hair. I just hope no one put him off to give him a reason to leave twitter.
    Oh well, keep sending us the good word.


  2. I certainly hope he decides to come back to Twitter. I’ve really enjoyed reading his quirky comments. They make me smile everytime. I hope all the stupid, petty comments about his new hair color haven’t hurt him too much. My god, it’s just HAIR people. Get over it! And for the record, I think he looks great no matter what color his HAIR is. Geez!


  3. BooshGirl4Life // March 16, 2010 at 2:17 pm // Reply

    If all this is down to the haters there the ones that should leave twitter, Noel as so many loving fans following him, and i think if this really is his last tweet he really will be missed i love his random tweets they never make much sense and thats a good thing its part of who Noel is he is a very random person. if he was normal then that just wouldn’t be right i really do hope all these stupid haters haven’t pushed he away and make him hate twitter. WE ALL LOVE YOU NOEL!


  4. divine_debris // March 16, 2010 at 2:24 pm // Reply

    Hopefully, like Trent Reznor, he’ll just take a brief respite from Twitter and will be back to delight us in the future. My tweet-feed will be dull without him!


  5. BooshGirl4Life // March 16, 2010 at 2:30 pm // Reply

    If that is the reason they i can fully understand that, but if it is down to all the nasty comments made by everyone who was judging him, then i think its out of order, twitter is not gonna be the same with out him the whole thing sucks


  6. Most likely it was a combination of tweets from hateful people and from creepy stalkers who are desperate for his attention.


  7. Gotta join the depressed on this–I’m actually emotional over this. Noel’s tweets are always a beacon of light. Many of the tweets that people thought were weird were actually references to music, such as “Requiem for a Twister” which is an indie music blog. And the Family Yod was likely a reference to a music outlet that sold unusual vinyl. (just did a webs search).

    Like everything he does, his Twitter account was fascinating, and he never just tweeted weird stuff for the sake of it.

    I thought it was sweet that he shared some of his street incidents with us. Unfortunately the poison press loves that stuff. Since he’s a public figure, he can’t just Tweet about something without it drawing the wrong kind of attention. I was actually proud of the fans for being so supportive of him through his personal struggles.

    I can understand him wanted to leave. There are the “fans” who I know to be horrible little children, the set who slammed Dee but really wanted to be her. The drunk girl who just want to f… him. The obsessive fan who apologizes for not tweeting him.

    There have been horrid tweets to him-regarding his personal life. It upsets me, so I can imagine how it makes him feel.

    I don’t know who his partner is. I don’t follow everyone he follows, so I don’t know what was tweeted by the haters to his associates. I know some people will hate anyone he is with because they are 17 y.o. and think he is their destiny.

    He did block the one who sent him a nasty tweet that said she was tired of his tweets being others’ ideas and she wanted to read his own.

    I don’t understand the rudeness and rancor directed to someone they say they love. And I don’t get why any member of the public could possibly hate the man!

    The problem with the fame thing is you have to be tough as nails about all this but Noel has the soul of an artist, sensitive to all things.

    Let’s hope he has a change of heart. So many of the cool fans have chimed in about this. He has got to know we’re out here!


  8. I for one really hope Noel Fielding doesn’t leave Twitter for good. If he does, I hope it’s because he is really busy and not due to all the idiots spamming him about his hair. I think people should consider how bad they would feel if someone walked up to them and insulted their looks etc. Now times it by 1000, b/c that’s what celebrities face. Also, who is his “partner”, the noelsflamingo page? That’s a pretty funny account, love it’s tweets also!


  9. It’s a shame, but his decision and I don’t think he just did it randomly. I used to tweet him occasionally myself and in truth maybe I was one of the ones who got on his nerves! He’s a hugely charismatic character who attracts a lot of attention and a lot of it is gonna be unwelcome and yes, scary. I’ve never been the type of person who likes famous people for the sake of it. There are a lot of vaccuous idiots who have a taste of fame cos they’ve been on reality tv and whatever these days. But I got into the Boosh because I thought it was a taste of the extraordinary. In a manufactured world, it was something homemade, something with a little bit more imagination, a place that explored themes – dressing up. magic and mixed it all up with a contemporary whisk. It was a great tv show – but I guess they could not keep doing the same old formula forever and will explore their own projects. Whoever Noel’s partner is – I wish them well. It’s never easy for a woman (or man) who has a famous partner – the strains are more intense. I think he is probably trying to keep his private life just that – private. But it will be difficult cos generation Y – all you younger types (!) are not called the “Heat Generation” for nothing. They’re obsessed with the private lives of the rich and famous – I can understand it to a degree, but at the end of the day – they are fundamentally human and need a little space now and then. Maybe Noel will tweet again one day people and give our lives a little buzz. X


  10. It is a shame that Noel has left Twitter but it is probably for the best. Fans and non-fans have a direct link of being able to send messages to him. He obviously wouldn’t be able to read each and every one, but I’m sure if you tweeted to him on a VERY regular basis he would at some point see the tweets and these are usually off people that are too obsessive or haters and not the average fan who might occasionally send him a tweet or not at all.
    Twitter can potentially be very damaging to a person, people are more brave from behind a computer screen and say some disturbing obsessive things or some very mean things. I think Noel has had both. I can’t see why people could be so obsessive and accept him into their lives as some potential partner or whatever and feel so attatched to be horrible to people that mean something to him. It’s disgusting, pathetic and childish.
    That might not be the reason, but it probably contributed to him stopping tweeting.


  11. BooshGirl4Life // March 16, 2010 at 8:37 pm // Reply

    I don’t blame him for wanted to leave no one should have to put up with horrible nasty people sending message’s to you, its just not on i do love Noels tweets there was always a meaning behind each one he posted.

    I hope he does make a return soon he shouldn’t have to leave because of them, i dunno if we will ever find out the reason why he as left, after all he is allowed a privet life and i respect that there are some people who can’t accept him and dee split, but if they can more on then the fans should be able to 14-15 year old girls who live in hope of being with Noel and get really annoyed when they find out he’s in a relationship.

    A fellow Noel fan said would he really let them drive him away from twitter? would he really be driven off by sad people who have nothing better to do with there life’s? if that is the case i wouldn’t really blame him because i wouldn’t put up with it.

    or as he left because he’s just taking a break from twitter for a while so he can focus on the film and album, he said in a interview that they are writing 2 film one of which could be turned into a 4th series. and he hope’s that next year to do his stand up again.

    what ever the reason i will always respect him for it and continue to enjoy his wonderful work.


  12. Shinusuke Akki // March 16, 2010 at 11:53 pm // Reply

    …erm… you all say that that tweet ment that he wasgoing to leave but I think that it is highly possible that there has been a misunderstanding. I mean I don’t know what it does mean but I don’t think that is what was ment by ‘last twitter’ as he says hope you found it useful prehaps he means that it is the last tweet about a certain thing and that we find the tweet useful for catching thingy on tv! It is possible that he may be referring on things yet to come….


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