When Ghosts Are True

Alice Lowe is looking for real life ghost stories as part of a future project for JackalFilms.

© Avalon / Channel 4

© Avalon / Channel 4

Alice has created a Facebook group inviting people on there and elsewhere to tell her their spooky tales.  We’ll let Alice explain herself:

Have you had a ghostly experience? Have you woken in the night to find someone at the end of your bed? Have you been nudged by a strange force in your own home and then later found someone died there? Have you visited an old building and felt an evil presence? Have you experienced a strange coincidence that is inexplicable? And had this experience made you believe in GHOSTS? Or maybe you saw an alien.

We are looking for real life paranormal accounts. If you have one, and are willing to tell it, please contact me via alice@jackalfilms.co.uk, or write your account on Facebook.

JackalFilms is the brainchild of Alice Lowe and Jacqueline Wright.  Together, they made a pilot for BBC3, Lifespam: My Child Is French, and continue to make fresh comedy shorts on a regular basis, together with familiar faces from The Mighty Boosh and the world around it – with Steve Oram, Tom Meeten and Antony Elvin amongst them.

A new film from the team, is due to appear before the end of the month.  As soon as it’s available, we’ll throw it at ya!

Check them out via the JackalFilms website, or their official Youtube channel.

1 Comment on When Ghosts Are True

  1. A little bit of sadness from the boy, hope all is well.


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