The Ape Enclosure

Dave Brown of The Mighty Boosh has launched a brand new photo blog to showcase his work past and present.

© Dave Brown

© Dave Brown

The Ape Enclosure already houses a variety of pictures, including one of Dave’s charity portaits of the gorilla Mjukuu – who currently resides in London Zoo, and another of Rich Fulcher‘s homage to The Shining.

Dave hopes to update the page every day, so keep checking back for more great shots from this stunning photographer, who just happens to be a gorilla on the side.  And was once a Naan bread.

Visit The Ape Enclosure and get a pretty good feelin’ about somethin’ right now, and check into Dave’s Twitter account for updates, ramblings and funny stuffs from the monkeyman.

2 Comments on The Ape Enclosure

  1. It’s great to get the opportunity to see the creative output of one of the ‘other’ members of the Boosh. I know a lot of fans think that Dave’s tremendously talented in his own right; I’m pleased that we’ll now be able to see more of his photography (and art/design work…please?) via this site.


  2. ‘-” that seems to be a great topic, i really love it ~’~


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