The Savage Canvas

Julian Barratt is to feature in Tim Hope‘s short film The Savage Canvas.

© Tim Hope

© Tim Hope

The piece, which is also to feature Hyperdrive star Stephen Evans (who appeared in Barratt’s recent directorial debut Curtains), will reunite the Mighty Boosh star with animator and music video director Hope.  The pair previously worked together on cult web series The Pod, and Hope was also involved in the Mighty Boosh episode Eels.

You can see more of Hope’s work via the official website of Passion Pictures, who are responsible for the film.  It’s a flash-based site, so we can’t link you directly, but you can find the videos under the ‘Commercials’ banner you’ll find at this super duper linky.

Editors note: thanks to “HellOnHighHeels” for this info!

2 Comments on The Savage Canvas

  1. Wonderful!

    Always excited about their projects. Tim Hope does fantastic work on Boosh.

    The Pod darn near killed me! I was literally on the floor laughing so hard.

    I loved Hyperdrive. I feel like I’m the entire US fan club though. Such a shame so many people were comparing it to Red Dwarf which is completely unfair. It is an incredible series in its own right. What a brilliant cast including Stephen Evans, Nick Frost and Miranda Hart.

    The actor who played York in Hyperdrive, Kevin Eldon also played the Barber in Nathan Barley.

    Thanks! Now if we US folks could only get a hold of this stuff.

    Great that this group is working together.


  2. I think I’m in love with your geekery! Nice one.


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