Come With Us…

…on a journey through time and space. Again. Last week we told you about reports that Noel Fielding had mentioned the possibility of TWO films from The Mighty Boosh in the pipeline, during an interview on NME Radio. Now thanks to Boosh fan “Sparky”, we can confirm exactly what Noel said.



During his interview, Noel remarked that he hadn’t been drinking since New Year, which was great for his writing. When asked what he was writing, Noel replied.

“Two films, actually. Two Boosh films, and an album as well. Or a series of EP’s to be released as a sort of voyage that covers the entire range of music. Like different styles. Every different style of music available, done with a narrative and different characters, and then the character we’ve got, Rudi van DiSarzio might bring them all together like a shepherd. Like a music shepherd. He might whistle and clump those musical styles together to create one big ball of world music that could rival Paul – what’s his name – Simon? Garfunkle? Paul Simon, that’s it. I can’t remember. It’s a really simple name as well! What’s his name? Paul Simon? Two first names… what an idiot!”

Dragging the interview back on track, Noel was asked when we’d see this new Boosh material.

“As soon as possible! We’re writing and we really are working very hard so… I’m not sure yet. It takes a long time to film. We’ve got pre-production and lots of rehearsals. Hopefully the end of this year or the start of next year, and the album… we’ll try to release something this year, definitely.”

So there you have it. The mystery solved. And we here at the Onion will do our best to bring you all the news on these projects, as soon as we hear it. Keep peeling.

2 Comments on Come With Us…

  1. Exxxcellent! Thanks for the transcript Sparky (if that IS your real name).

    I knew The Boosh would not just put out any CD.

    Most people would just slap together songs straight out of the show. Even that I would love, but if “The Mighty Book of Boosh” is any indication–they could have just thrown a bunch of photos together and collected the cash–, they are approaching the CD like another grand art project.

    Whatever they do, I’m sure it will be great. They never seem to do throw-aways.
    Thanks again! I ❤ The Velvet Onion!


  2. I’m feeling very loved at the moment. 🙂 I think you should thank the person who uploaded it. Although I have no idea who that was.

    I’m also very excited for the possibility of two Boosh films.


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