Mighty Japan

The Mighty Boosh are ready to take Japan by storm, as dvd releases of their tv series have been scheduled for release this Spring.

© NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan

© NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan

The dvds, which appear to be subtitled, not dubbed, will hit stores on 21st April.  The cover art for “Vol. 1” and “Vol. 2” suggests its a two-part release for series one, and translations confirm this suspicion – with four episodes per release.  There’s no news on extras on the sets, but as these are not straight ports of the two disc releases in Europe, Australia and North America, its possible that the extras are absent, as with the release of Red Dwarf in Japan a few years ago.

The second series is due to follow in May – we’ll have more information on that nearer the time, as it remains to be seen if it will be split into two, or followed by the third season.  As soon as we have any more details about these sets, we’ll let you know.

While this may seem like merely “one for the collectors” in the West, and to satiate the cult following that is growing in the Far East, the boys have recently expressed an interest in taking their show to Japan, so perhaps this is the start of something much, much bigger… watch this space!

Pre-order Vol. 1 from Amazon.co.jp | Pre-order Vol. 2 from Amazon.co.jp

Editors note: many thanks to “brainshortcake” for alerting us to this forthcoming release.  We’ll be relying on her wisdom, cleverness and ability to understand Japanese *and* the Japanese Boosh phenomenon to provide us further details as soon as possible.

3 Comments on Mighty Japan

  1. My thoughts on this: YESSSSSSSSSS

    A little sad there won’t be a dub, though I imagine it would have been a very difficult to show to dub. I just have so much done tracking down the voice actors who dub Doctor Who and Red Dwarf (the Cat was voiced by Spike Spiegel!).


  2. rocket2827 // March 12, 2010 at 3:24 pm // Reply

    I left a few comments during the Mighty Decider chat about the fans over here in Japan, so I was so excited when they mentioned the fans here and said they would love to come over.
    It’s great that they are bringing the DVDs over here! While I already own the US boxset, I am seriously considering purchasing at least one of the Japanese DVDs to show my support of the Boosh over here. Also, I can introduce my Japanese friends to this amazing series of course.
    They should come and do a show in Osaka. Comedy capital of Japan.


  3. Nice to hear from you Rocket! If you’ve any Boosh related stuff you want to share with us, feel free! We’d love to hear more. 🙂


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