Backstage Boosh

Post NME Awards, there’s a couple of Boosh interview clips knocking about on the NME website and their Youtube channel.

First up, Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt were grabbed on the red carpet to discuss their award predictions and Noel’s love of Captain Beefhart.

Mid show, Julian Barratt, Rich Fulcher, Mike Fielding and Dave Brown were interviewed, after The Mighty Boosh won the award for Best DVD. As Noel was mucking about presenting awards and dancing with Kasabian, Julian quickly made a surrogate from a small green balloon.

Finally, there’s a cringeworthy interviewer from Absolute Radio trying to out-do the Boosh madness on the red carpet post show, but he managed to get some choice outbursts from the boys (again, sans Noel), until a sudden discussion about nudity stopped the whole thing in its tracks.  Worth it for the cringe factor, Rich being… well, Rich… and Dave’s factual outburst at the end.

There’s no actual news or insight in these videos, but we felt we’d share them with you as a prime example of the Boosh boys riffing off one another, and talking delightful nonsense as ever.

For more details, visit the NME website.

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