Sarah Silverman Booshes It Up

Cult US comedian Sarah Silverman showed her allegiances to American audiences this week when she wore a Mighty Boosh t-shirt in the latest episode of The Sarah Silverman Program.

© Comedy Central

© Comedy Central

The episode, Nightmayor was the fourth of a ten episode run, which will also feature Rich Fulcher and Matt Berry later this season, and as you can see from the handy screenshot, she was touting the classic green electro shirt sold on the first post-telly live tour back in 2006.

Co-star, and occasional Matt Berry collaborator Steve Agee had this to say online:

“We shot this episode right after Comic-Con and they were out here and gave her a shirt. We desperately tried to get the Boosh guys to come to the set and do a cameo in the coffee shop but their schedule was way too full.”

The Sarah Silverman Program runs on Logo and Comedy Central in the US, and on both Channel 4 and Comedy Central UK in, of course, the UK. Whilst this is a very minor story, its great to think that millions of US homes have been subliminally Booshed this week – and with Fulcher & Berry set to appear soon, they won’t know what’s hit ’em!

Many thanks to “Chessiequ” for this news story.

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