Time Called For The Persuasionists?

Simon Farnaby‘s latest project, The Persuasionsists, has struggled to find an audience and ended up buried in graveyard slots over the last week.



The show, which featured the Bunny & The Bull star alongside cult favourites Adam Buxton, Iain Lee, Daisy Haggard and Jared Christmas was heavilly publicised and believed to be the BBC’s answer to Channel 4’s The IT Crowd – offering popularist sitcom with a sprinkling of surreal comedy.  However, after the first few episodes scored some of the lowest Appreciation Index scores of all time (a system used in British television in which a sample audience rates the show out of 100 to determine quality), the plug was quickly pulled.

The last three episodes were removed from the schedules, and dotted around in graveyard slots for the past week, airing on Monday 8th, Friday 12th and Saturday 13th respectively.

At present, the dvd featuring all the episodes is still planned, scheduled for a July release date.  It’s currently listed for preorder at Amazon here: The Persuasionists [DVD] – however, dvd releases of announced programmes have been pulled previously, and given the show’s disasterous performance, there’s always the possibility that this will quietly slip from the schedules.

All six episodes are also up for viewing on the BBC’s iPlayer service until this Saturday evening.  For what may be your only chance to see this show, visit the iPlayer links below.

Episode One: Cockney Cheese | Episode Two: The Handsomeness | Episode Three: The Charity | Episode Four: Diet Stuff | Episode Five: Being Creative |Episode Six: The Australianess

Episodes 1-3 expire at 11:29pm on Saturday 20th February, with episodes 4 & 5 expiring at 11:49pm the same day.  Episode 6 will expire at 12:14am on Sunday 21st February. All episodes will be available for 30 days if downloaded.

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