Shall we meet in Paris on the morn? The European Independent Film Festival has just announced its Official Selection for the fifth edition of the festival, with a familiar name on the bill.

© Julian Barratt

© Julian Barratt

Amongst the 67 films from 27 countries competing for their awards is Curtains, which was directed by Dan Jemmett & Julian Barratt, and features appearances by Steve Oram (The Mighty Boosh) and Stephen Evans (Hyperdrive).

Filmmakers will be competing for 22 awards, including “Europe’s Best Independent Film 2010”. The jury includes director’s Audrey Najar and Frederic Perrot (France), Cannes Film Festival award-winner Joao Salaviza (Portugal) and filmmaker Dunja Kusturica (Serbia).

In addition to screenings, attendees can participate in workshops hosted by industry professionals including scriptwriting, editing, acting and directing.

The festival takes place March 12-14 at Cinema Le Grand Action and Le Triomphe, both located in the heart of Paris’ Latin Quarter.

For more information and a full list of the 2010 Official Selection, go to:

1 Comment on Curtains

  1. I’ve seen Curtains twice & its really really good. Its rather dark but its good. My face hurt i laughed so much both times. I’d like to see more things directed by Mr Barrett after having seen it. Spent months trying to get a hold of a copy of it, not luck but i did get an email back from Warp Films in December.

    This was it,

    “glad you liked the film. We have no distribution plans for it as yet though it will screen on F4 and C4 in around 8 months or so once it’s finished on the festival circuit. We’ll also probably release a Warp Films shorts dvd at some point so look out for that too”


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