NME Awards 2010

This year’s NME Awards are up for voting, and once again, The Mighty Boosh are nominated – this time for best dvd, for their Future Sailors tour disc.



They’re up against some stiff competition from fellow comedy legends Flight Of The Conchords, Noel’s favourites Kings Of Leon, grunge legends Nirvana, and the latest release by The Killers. However, votes can seemingly be cast an infinite number of times once again, so it appears that, as is always the case with the NME Awards, the winner will be the one with the most hardcore fans sat repeatedly pressing the ‘vote’ button for weeks on end!

Never Mind The Buzzcocks, which now features Noel Fielding as a team captain, is up for best tv show – a catagory won by the Boosh for the last three years, while Noel himself is also up for, surprisingly, best dressed. His team up with Kasabian on the video for Vlad The Impaler (directed by Richard Ayoade, who won two awards last year), is also up for an award, in the oddly named Giving It Back Fan Award catagory, and Fielding is up for another potential award in the Hottest Male catagory – which is always the most hotly revoted catagory of the lot.

Boosh guest stars The Horrors are also up for an award for best album, if that sort of thing rocks your boat.

Visit the NME Awards microsite here.

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