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Welcome to The Velvet Onion: a central hub for an interconnected alternative comedy family.

Since 2010, The Velvet Onion has been chronicling the exploits of a range of frequently collaborating artists on both sides of the camera. TVO has always been primarily focused around the output of a core group of comedic talents, including members of the celebrated early 00s comedy troupe Ealing Live, and their inter-connected Edinburgh darlings behind Garth Marenghi and The Mighty Boosh.

However, the site has continued to expand alongside that group: with its ad-hoc collaborative relations bringing in pioneers from the previous generation of comedy greats, and helping to develop new, emerging talent. These regular collaborators have, in turn, been welcomed into the layers of TVO, and together they form the epicentre of what has been dubbed New Wave Alternative Comedy.

Many of these talents are now as widely recognised names as those prestigious talents who helped them along the way, and as the current crop begins its upwards swing towards the mainstream, it’s safe to say the cult of The Velvet Onion remains as strong as ever.  Taking in television, radio, film, stage, print and online, there’s always something going on, and the only solution to staying on top of it is simple: Keep on Peeling.

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