The Velvet Onion Amazon Store was set up purely to help us pay for our domain name and bandwidth, and any extra treats we set up throughout the year like competitions, videos and the like.  By buying directly from us, you’re helping to keep the site running.  So thanks, buyers.  Thuyers.

The store features detailed menus for our various artists – with regular updates to bring you just about anything and everything you could possibly want from that involves your TVO favourites.  We’ve even gone and found most of those early appearances if you want to see familiar faces before they hit the big time!

There are now two separate store fronts, both via different aspects of Amazon.  The standard UK store is powered by and will ship internationally.  It deals with any Region 2 dvds, Region B blu-rays, and anything released in good ol’ Blightly.

Our second store is based in the USA, and is powered by – again it will ship internationally, but deals with any Region 1 dvds, Region A blu-rays, and anything released over the pond.

If there’s anything we have missed that should be featured in the store, email us via and we’ll get it included in our next update.

Alternatively, if its Boosh Merchandise you’re after – pop over to FIREBRAND now!

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