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The Bleedin-Great-White Polar-Bear In The Room

5 Jan

No, we don’t do elephants. Too cliché.  We’re here to talk about The Mighty Boosh, and we’re sure most of you know why.

© Baby Cow Productions

© Baby Cow Productions

It all started on Sunday morning, when at the bottom of a pile of showbiz drivel on their website, The Daily Mail ran a short piece, that didn’t even warrant a photograph: too busy touting shots of pop-stars no-one cares about.

It read, and we quote:  “Fans of cult TV series The Mighty Boosh will be thrilled to hear that its stars are at last putting together a script for a big screen version.  Almost two years after Noel Fielding, 40, who plays Vince Noir in the quirky comedy, announced plans to turn the show into a film, he and co-star Julian Barratt are finally putting pen to paper.  ‘We’re going on tour early in the New Year and we’ll be working on material that hopefully could make a movie,’ says Julian, 45.  ‘We want to make something great for the fans.’”

Now, quite understandly, this vexed us something chronic.  Was this, perhaps, Julian Barratt being assailed on the red carpet at the première of The Harry Hill Movie last month, chronically misunderstood?  Or was there more to it?

Naturally, we went digging.  And whilst other comedy sites picked up on the story – both Chortle and British Comedy Guide (merely doing their job of course) publishing pieces based on this seemingly random quote – we spoke directly to Boosh management, who very kindly confirmed this was a no-go story.

And then, as if by magic, the boys themselves got in on the act.

First off the block, came Dave Brown, and Bollo himself had some heartwarming words of wisdom for us all…

Then before we could say a word, in waded Noel Fielding himself, who was by now being named as the person who spoke to the Mail by other publications, with a succinct denial…

So that’s that, then.

As much as we ourselves look forward to whatever the Boosh have got planned in da foocha, we nevertheless must confirm that, at present, any talk of future plans is just that: talk.

The Boosh will be loose, and a little bit raw at some point in our future.  The movie is always an ongoing concern, the album is in the can and waiting for the right moment to be released, and the success of their live dates in September and October proved there’s life in the Sunshine Kid and Captain Corduroy yet.


© Paul Holmes / The Velvet Onion

But for now, we must be patient.  Series two of Noel Fielding’s Luxury Comedy nears completion, and though a challenging first series polarised opinions, we’re confident the show is bigger, bolder and above all else, better than before – and we can’t wait for you to see the results.

Indeed, we visited the set last summer for another of our stonking video exclusives, which we’ll be bringing you in due course, along with a whole host of other Luxury related goodies as soon as we can.  The moment is being prepared for, and when the time comes, we’ll do the same for the Boosh return too.

When it happens, you’ll be ready… and that’s because we’ll still be here, keeping you abreast of everything else the boys, and the numerous fine and wonderful comics who encircle them are up to on stage, television, film, radio, online and in print.

There’s so much to savour, it’s hard to believe there’s been so little Boosh activity since TVO started four years ago.  We think all these other projects keep things ticking over rather well, don’t you?

But here’s the thing…

As of today, there are no confirmed live dates.  There’s no confirmed movie details.  There’s no plans for the television series to return.  The album release remains in limbo.  
The only reason we’re posting this now is to make that absolutely clear, so no more fans get caught up in the false excitement that the original article, and subsequent recycling online has created.
The Mighty Boosh are back on hiatus, but this could change at any time.   And as Dave suggests up above, with any luck we’ll be amongst the very first to know.  
And therefore… so will you.
Stay peeled.

2012: A Year In Interviews

2 Jan

In 2012 we were lucky enough to get the chance to chat to a few of the artists that we write about on these pages. So here’s a look back at some of the year’s interviews – and the fascinating, colourful and revealing comments that were shared. A big thank you to everyone who gave us their time and permitted us to poke cameras and dictaphones in their faces – we couldn’t do this without you! 

© Dave Brown

“You kind of get sick of photographers going: ‘What about this? Let’s try a look. Gimme a look! thumbs up, relax that jaw, big smile, oooh, Cheeky! Whuhey!’ All that kind of crap. Whereas with this, it was the opposite and I think they enjoyed the novelty. I think there’s a certain power to looking moody.”
Dave Brown talks about the un-comedy portraits in his photography exhibition ‘Tough Crowd’

“You do sort of wonder how many more good dresses you can pull out of your wardrobe. I might just turn up to the next one looking like Tina and go: ‘Hi, everyone. I’m not actually a film star. I don’t have the wardrobe for this.’”
Alice Lowe discusses dressing for the multiple Sightseers premiers

“They keep going on! The London Film Festival was the gala screening, and I went to Cannes for the premiere there, which was very exciting. They had one last Thursday, which I couldn’t go to, and then this one tonight, which is being called the UK Premiere. I’m not sure what the difference is anymore, but it will be fun. I get to wear my suit again.”
Richard Glover’s take on dressing for the multiple Sightseers premiers

© Examiner

“That is completely Noel’s fault. I kept saying ‘Can’t I be called something like Jana or another German name?’ and he said ‘No, Dolly is better’ and he and Nigel Coan were absolutely certain that I was going to be called Dolly. I got really self-conscious about it, and in the early days of filming Tom Meeten enjoyed putting my name in every single sentence because I was so embarrassed about it.”
Dolly Wells squirms about playing a character called ‘Dolly’ on Luxury Comedy

“Before Boosh, I was the shyest person in the world. I was scared of my own shadow, I wouldn’t talk to anyone that I didn’t know. Boosh has made me who I am now. It’s given me an animated, childish confidence. People say that when you’re thirty, you can’t be stupid like that anymore, but who says? There’s no rules!”
Mike Fielding in introspective mood

“We thought we knew what we were doing – we didn’t – and suddenly we found ourselves on stage with all these people like Simon Farnaby. They assumed we must be good, so we had to come up with something. It was all an accident, no actual decisions were made.”
John ‘Willie’ Hopkins talks about his appearances at Ealing Live with Richard Glover.

© Amelia’s Magazine

“I’m not sure I have much of an opinion on mainstream music – I just don’t really listen to it! I imagine if I did listen too much I might not be too complimentary about it, so best not to get involved! Or maybe that’s where I’m going wrong. I think I’ll go and check out the charts RIGHT NOW!”
Sue Denim’s views on mainstream music

“You do get to see why it’s a bad idea to go and kill people, in a really cathartic way.”
Alice Lowe notes that Sightseers has a strong moral code 

“Maybe he doesn’t like the idea of being moody for me…the offer’s there, Paul, whenever you’re ready, stop body swerving me and get on your frown for Brown!”
Dave Brown courting Paul Foot for ‘Tough Crowd’

“Yeah. It’s not like I’m gonna go: ‘Well, actually, it’s funny you should say that. I’ve got a little pot of spunk in my pocket.‘”
Mike Fielding’s reaction to fans screaming at him that they want to have his babies

“My brother never stops talking. Usually about sweets.”
Noel Fielding’s analysis of bother Mike

“I’ve secretly always wanted to be in the S.A.S. A friend of mine used to say I could have been in the S.A.S. but on reception.”
Richard Glover talks about his alternative career path

“I’ve got my balls out on telly, they’re horrible things…I’ve got really dangly balls.”
Tom Meeten discusses his award-winning appendages

“Keep the faith! And let’s get The Boosh to make a film before they get too old and grey!”
Oly Ralfe’s message from NY to TVO readers

“Writing with Alice is like writing with your wife. It really is just like being with your wife, and arguing on holiday, whilst sightseeing, then writing it down.
Steve Oram’s take on writing Sightseers with Alice Lowe

© Big Talk Pictures

“I tend to write the first draft of stuff, then Amy totally rewrites it! She changes everything, and I’ve learnt over our twenty-odd year relationship to understand how that works for the greater good.”
Director Ben Wheatley’s approach to working with his long-term partner, Amy Jump

“We’ve got the power to take people on a journey – if we want to go to the moon, then let’s go to the moon for 10 minutes!”
Joey Page on the power of stand-up

© Marjorie Keak

“If a drama show goes out on TV and it’s not that good no one kicks up a fuss, no one goes ‘Whoever commissioned this should be shot. I want my license fee back!’ I could easily say that a drama that doesn’t engage me in the first five minutes is the same as a comedy that doesn’t make me laugh, but people just don’t mind as much – they just accept that it’s not their cup of tea. But rarely do people accept that about comedy!”
Dan Clark takes on the harsh critics of comedy

“There’s no limits with him, whereas when you meet an actor for the first time it can be a bit awkward to pull their trousers down or something. With Richard, you can punch him in the face, rape him, and he’ll still come back for more.”
Steve Oram shows his love for working with Richard Glover on Sightseers

“I’ve been looking at Noel’s face constantly for three years, and even I watch him and say ‘There’s NY Cop’. I don’t say ’There’s Noel doing NY Cop’. You’re not looking at Noel, you’re looking at the character. It’s pretty incredible because he’s got such a pointy, distinctive face.”
Nigel Coan, director of Luxury Comedy, talks about Noel’s character performances

“I can’t believe they didn’t have Minstrels!”
Mike Fielding

© Secret Peter / Channel 4

S(no)w Boosh!

8 Feb

© Universal Studios

TVO has been inundated with fans telling us that The Boosh Film is on the way once again, after an interview with Noel Fielding outside the Evening Standard Film Awards appeared online.

In the video posted by The Press Association, which has since been picked up by a variety of news websites, Noel commented: “I saw Julian yesterday [Monday], we went sledging together.  So we were talking about a Boosh where we should get together and do a film, finally!  There’ll definitely be sledging in the Boosh film, there’ll have to be won’t there?”

Naturally, we at The Velvet Onion must stress that talking about a Boosh film, and it actually happening are two very different things.  The film has been in discussion stages for a long time, first drafts have been half-written, and what we do know at present is that The Mighty Boosh are on hiatus whilst Noel & Julian concentrate on their own solo projects.

Whilst any news of the duo getting back together is positive, it’s good to remember that they have not broken up, nor have they fallen out – and of course, when they are together they will discuss the very thing that binds them.

The Boosh will return, but we just wanted to remind you that we may all be waiting a little while longer yet…

Release Date For Boosh Documentary

2 Oct
© Dave Brown/Oliver Ralfe

Almost a year after the release of The Mighty Boosh: Future Sailors Live Tour DVD, the anticipated behind-the-scenes documentary is going to be released on its own.

Oliver Ralfe’s Journey of the Childmen: The Mighty Boosh on Tour has had its fair share of screenings in the UK and in the US over the past year and has also been shown at several film festivals. The Future Sailors DVD featured an excerpt or rather a teaser from this documentary. However, there are many Boosh fans that have been wondering if and when the full documentary would be available on its own. Thankfully it seems like Oly has finished the editing process and the release date is set for the 15th of November!

As the poster below specifies, you can pre-order your copy of Journey of the Childmen on (The “now” part seems inaccurate at the moment of posting but you can sign up for a notification.)

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Tiddles for this information.


Apple Store Q&A Now Online!

30 Jun

© Getty Images

You may remember  a while back we reported on a Q&A with the Mighty Boosh boys at the London Apple Store, at which all bar Rich (who was noticeably absent due to an Eleanor related kidnap in the US) were present.

Now finally, after a long wait, we’re very pleased to announce that the in-depth chat with the lads is now available to listen via iTunes in a series of podcasts.  Have a listen, and you’ll hear about the upcoming film and album, life on tour, their Mighty Decider iPhone app (of course)  and much, much more!  Also, you can hear with your own ears the boys talking about  this very site you’re looking at now – The Velvet Onion!

So go on then,  what are you still doing here? Go listen now!

Oliver Trix!

8 Jun

The rather wonderful Oliver Ralfe has been kind enough to give an exclusive interview to TVO’s US correspondent ‘Trixie’!

The head honcho from The Ralfe Band – who scored Paul King‘s recent movie marvel Bunny and the Bull and appeared in series two of The Mighty Boosh – spoke to Trixie after the first American screening of his documentary Journey Of The Childmen – which tells the story of The Mighty Boosh on tour. To hear what Oliver has to say, simply press the great big play button below.

The Ralfe Band play Truck Festival in Oxford on 24th July and Port Eliot Festival in Cornwall the following day.  For more details, visit their Myspace page.

Childmen USA, Part Deux!

26 May
© Dave Brown

We previously reported on a screening of The Journey of the Childmen, the Mighty Boosh tour documentary, at The Coolidge Corner Theatre in Brookline, Massachusetts on May 28th & 29th.

Another screening has been announced, this time in Los Angeles! A sneak preview of the behind-the-scenes documentary will be shown at the Cinefamily in the Silent Movie Theatre. This will take place  June 4, right after the closing night of Rich Fulcher’s Eleanor the Tour Whore. (Tickets still available!)

Tickets are a mere $10 and can be bought at the Cinefamily website. As the website states, this is “essential viewing for any Boosh fan”!

Onion On Site: Boosh Apple Q&A

8 Apr

As reported last week here, yesterday evening the Mighty Boosh visited the Apple store on Regent Street to answer a few questions from fans. As ever, we made sure one of the Onion crew, Baby_on_Fire, was there to experience it on your behalf and report back.

There really is nothing like rushing straight from your detested day job to the Regents Street Apple store for a Q&A with some of your comedy heros. Hundreds of Boosh fans sat at the back of the swanky store awaiting the entrance of Julian, Noel, Dave and Mike. They entered to the recognisable sound of the TV show theme tune and took their places beside the interviewer, NME’s Paul Stokes.

The first topic of conversation for the event was their recent-ish Future Sailors tour DVD. A series of clips were played, including the Future Sailors song intro, some double act banter, and my personal favourite – Naboo and Bollo’s gangster-pimp style entrance. It was a real pleasure getting the opportunity to watch the boys watch themselves. I’m still unsure whether they were laughing at themselves out of pride…or out of humiliation! They talked about being underprepared for the live show, how they had dates at the O2 arena already booked, while only a month before the start of the tour the show was still incomplete. As they pointed out, the lucky fans who were able to go the several shows thoughtout the 6 month tour would attest to the fact that the first and last shows were completely different to each other! They also talked through some of the things they got up to on tour – including making garlic flavour smoothies, and a Vodka and Beroca concoction Julian saw fit to name Verodca!

© Getty Images

Naturally, the topic of the Boosh Film was broached, and The Boosh briefed through their idea’s. It sounds as if they are still between two main concepts; an adventure-type epic & a Rocky Horror style underwater musical! Either way, it sounds as if a complete script is still quite far in the distance, so no holding your breath for that. However if we know them well enough it’s pretty accurate to assume that it will be done in due course with a lot of thought and careful consideration put into it.

The album sounds well on its way into production, with many songs nearly completed. There is an obvious passion for the music: they discussed how Noel and Julian can write a song in an afternoon whereas a scene for the show could take weeks. They have always been known to have mostly musical influences rather than comedic, and this comes across in their work to date – as Julian stated at the event: “When I’m writing songs – I’m in heaven.” They only thing they are having issues with is how to release them – as an album, as a series of ep’s or something grander. But be prepared for Boosh Music to get to us as either a virus or a serenading hairbrush!

The floor was then opened for questions and as the mic was handed to someone who asked “Noel, would you ever bring out your own fasion line?”. Then another shouted: “Noel, why is your hair blonde?” and the entire store filled with groans! Noel attempted to skip through quickly as another audience member asked a ridiculous question about his stand-up which to be completely honest, went in one ear and out the other for me. A few more unusual questions were asked, such as “Who – if anyone – are the characters based on?” It seems most are based on family members, whereas Rich’s are all based on his mother!

As the evening was evidently coming to an end, I jumped to get my questions in on behalf of The Velvet Onion. First of all, though I felt the need to praise Julian for his work on the short film Curtains (his directorial debut)! I then asked Dave about his photography: who went on to confirm that he does have plans for an exhibition or book!

The oppotunity at that point couldn’t have been more convenient for me to plug The Velvet Onion. Most of the boys were fully aware of us which was flattering enough. Noel then went on to admit that he reads his warm-up reviews, stating that they are “Intense” and that “They are good actually”. It was joked that even Noel would visit the Onion to see what they were doing next. Good feedback all around – and we’re glad to have you all amongst our readers, gents!

And with that the night came to a close and the boys headed upstairs to surf the satellites to Jimmy Fallon. Judging by the several cameras scattered around the shop floor I would assume that the Q & A will be released online by Apple at some point. So keep your eyes peeled, obviously we will be too!

The Mighty Boosh Decider app is available now for iPhones, iPads and some iPods. Buy it via the iTunes store now.

The Trilogy Of Boosh

1 Apr

© The Mighty Boosh

Yet more reports are coming in about the possibility of a trio of films from The Mighty Boosh.

In an interview for BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat segment, which mostly rehashed what we’ve heard from recent interviews with Absolute and Such Small Portions, Noel Fielding again suggested a trilogy of films is planned, with the first film returning to their old familiar haunt of the Arctic.

“It’s going to be quite an adventure. I don’t know how much money we’ll have so we’ll have to be a little bit careful.

“In our heads it’s like Indiana Jones, it’s huge, but obviously it’ll probably be more like Moon where we can have an exterior and then lots of models and CGI.

“It’s set in the Arctic and we get caught up in an adventure. I’m pretty pleased the way it’s going. I’m quite excited. Fingers crossed but I don’t want to jinx it. It might be awful.”

And there’s further progress on the notion of a Rocky Horror type musical from the boys, and a suggestion that the album is nearly finished.  To read the full interview, visit the Newsbeat website.

Boosh Movie Director Confirmed?

29 Mar

© Ernesto Ruscio / Getty Images Europe

The Mighty Boosh may have lined up their regular collaborator Paul King for directorial duties on their forthcoming movie, according to The Times.

There was little doubt that King, who directed all three seasons of the tv series and their last two live tours would  be in the running for a return to the Boosh fold.

But with his star in the ascendent thanks to Bunny And The Bull and the forthcoming Paddington Bear movie, there was a strong possibility Paul would be fully booked up when the time came to film.

However, in an interview today with The Times to promote Bunny…, King commented on the progress of the film, and his hopes to fill the director’s chair.

Julian and Noel are up and running in writing for The Mighty Boosh film that I hope I may direct. I hope they succeed in writing the great script that I know they’re capable of writing. I don’t see why that should spell the end for the Boosh. I don’t think they’ve outstayed their welcome. They’ve been doing it for long enough now and they don’t seem to be running out of ideas. I think most people think that because they talk about pop stars all the time it’s aimed at 17-year-old Goths but really it’s got great heritage and a much broader appeal than that. If things go well they could break out to an even wider audience.

You can read the full interview now over on The Times website, and Bunny And The Bull is available on dvd & blu-ray now.

Editors note – thanks to duryea on the Boosh Forum for alerting us to this story!

The Facts Of Fielding

23 Mar

© Absolute Radio

Noel Fielding was interviewed earlier today for Absolute Radio, as part of promotion for tonight’s Teenage Cancer Trust gig.

During the gloriously informative interview, Noel discussed a series of hot topics, including his status as an ambassador for TCT, his abandonment of Twitter, a denial of the rumour circulating around his alleged appearance in the forthcoming Paddington Bear movie, and, naturally, his new hairstyle!

The Twitter talk seems to confirm what we already suspected, with Fielding citing the strange and sometimes personal attacks on people around him as part of the reason he’s given up on it.

He told the interviewer he enjoyed using the social networking site but: “You have to be careful, because people on those things are quite mean, or they’re quite rude, or they’re quite personal, or they invade your space a bit.  I tried to be quite enigmatic and have a little bit of a barrier but its quite difficult to do that.  It’s not me so much.  I don’t mind.  I take it with a pinch of salt, but sometimes people write weird stuff on there that affects other people and you think: ‘Oh, what am I doing this for?'”

Regarding Boosh plans, he confirmed what we already knew – there’s no plans for a fourth series, but a film and an album are in the pipeline.  Yet again the words “concept album” are bandied about, with extensions of current Boosh songs plus new tracks linked by some kind of narrative.

Talk of a second film, which began in recent interviews, is clarified somewhat in that they have two ideas in the pipeline, and when asked about a possible trilogy, Noel replied: “Hopefully we can just do lots!”  Fielding also suggested one idea for the film(s) is a Rocky Horror style musical, which backs up rumours last year of a possible hook up with shock-rocker Alice Cooper.  Here’s hoping!

You can see the full interview for yourself over at Absolute Radio’s website, or if you’ve clicked too many times as it is, you can see it right here.


4 Mar

Noel Fielding and Julian Barratt have been interviewed by Shortlist to publicise their iPhone app, The Mighty Decider.

The pair comment on their relationship, the success of the show and the Future Sailors tour. Barratt also commented further on the Boosh plans for the future, confirming they are working on two film ideas – including one set in the Arctic – and gave more details about their concept album and character EP ideas.

Read the interview for yourselves at

Come With Us…

2 Mar

…on a journey through time and space. Again. Last week we told you about reports that Noel Fielding had mentioned the possibility of TWO films from The Mighty Boosh in the pipeline, during an interview on NME Radio. Now thanks to Boosh fan “Sparky”, we can confirm exactly what Noel said.

During his interview, Noel remarked that he hadn’t been drinking since New Year, which was great for his writing. When asked what he was writing, Noel replied.

“Two films, actually. Two Boosh films, and an album as well. Or a series of EP’s to be released as a sort of voyage that covers the entire range of music. Like different styles. Every different style of music available, done with a narrative and different characters, and then the character we’ve got, Rudi van DiSarzio might bring them all together like a shepherd. Like a music shepherd. He might whistle and clump those musical styles together to create one big ball of world music that could rival Paul – what’s his name – Simon? Garfunkle? Paul Simon, that’s it. I can’t remember. It’s a really simple name as well! What’s his name? Paul Simon? Two first names… what an idiot!”

Dragging the interview back on track, Noel was asked when we’d see this new Boosh material.

“As soon as possible! We’re writing and we really are working very hard so… I’m not sure yet. It takes a long time to film. We’ve got pre-production and lots of rehearsals. Hopefully the end of this year or the start of next year, and the album… we’ll try to release something this year, definitely.”

So there you have it. The mystery solved. And we here at the Onion will do our best to bring you all the news on these projects, as soon as we hear it. Keep peeling.

Two Boosh Films?

25 Feb

Noel Fielding was interviewed by NME Radio last night at the NME Awards in Brixton (see below), and casually dropped a mention that the boys had two films and some music EP’s planned.

The interview may well appear in the coverage of the awards on Channel 4 this weekend, most likely in the Saturday morning show at 11:10am.  If we hear anything further about this exciting development, we’ll fire it straight at you from our news cannon.

See The Childmen At The See Festival

7 Feb

Don’t despair, there’s now yet another chance to see The Mighty Boosh “on tour”.

Journey of the Childmen will be screened at the 2010 See Festival.

Location: Old Ship Hotel, Kings Road, Brighton

Date: Sunday, 21st February, 19:40 / Regency Suite.

Purchase tickets online: or at the Brighton Dome Box Office 01273 709709

Sunday (Day Pass) £45, 18+ only please.

The See Festival website:

The Boosh Film: Update

4 Feb

Noel Fielding posted this vague comment on his Twitter page today…

Ideas for the Boosh film taking shape and moving around on the floor.

Of course, we know the plans for 2010 include writing the film, and producing the proposed album.  We know that the album has pretty much been recorded, at least in demo format – and a full length version of I Did A Shit was given away with preorders of the tour dvd via last November.  Noel & Julian are said to be in the process of writing the film, so this tweet can only be a good sign.

Obviously its very early days yet, but we’ll be bringing you dedicated Boosh Film news, via the special ‘Boosh Film’ catagory, just as soon as we hear any more.  If you want to be kept up to date – subscribe to our shinyness… because The Velvet Onion is where its at.


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