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Matt Berry Observer Interview

17 Mar
© Frantzesco Kangaris for the Guardian

© Frantzesco Kangaris for the Guardian

Matt Berry was interviewed by The Observer this weekend and spoke about his varied career, some hints on what is in store for the next series of Toast of London, and how he’s inspired by things that frighten him.

Matt told John Plunkett that he got into comedy ‘by the back door’, through his friendship with Matt Holness and Richard Ayoade, who he met while doing warm-ups at Mighty Boosh gigs, and working at the London Dungeon.

We also find out that Toast of London is nominated for tomorrow’s Royal Television Society Awards – along with Psychobitches and  also a Broadcasting Press Guild Award, where it is up against Ambassadors.

Click here to read the full article and listen to the interview.

Rich Conversation

10 Sep

© Rich Fulcher

It’s been a while since we were treated to a Rich Fulcher interview, so thanks to The Young Journalist for reacquainting us with us with what Rich has to say about stuff.

The Young Journalist is a recently set up blog written by a 15 year old aspiring journalist, which features interviews, commentaries etc. In this particular interview Rich talks about the Boosh, Snuff Box, comedy in general and his plans for the future (which includes a pilot Rich has written for IFC with UCB’s Matt Besser about a restaurant that turns into a cult. We rather like the sound of that one!)

And for those of you lucky enough to be going to Festival Supreme to see the Boosh perform next month you can look forward to Rich’s promise to, “do something fun in it like wear a giant diaper or run around covered in pickles.” Photos please?

To read the interview in full visit The Young Journalist.

Sightseers Spotlight On: Alice Lowe

1 Dec

As you’ve probably gathered by now, here at The Velvet Onion we’re more than a tad giddy about the UK release  of Sightseers. There are many, many things about the film that make it worthy of merit, not the least of which is the rather wonderful person who plays Tina, the female lead. For anyone who’s unfamiliar with her work, please allow us to introduce you to the writer-actor-comedian-singer-performer extraordinaire, Alice Lowe:

© Big Talk Pictures

If you’re a regular reader of TVO you’ll be aware of Alice’s more recent projects (of which there are many); what you may not fully appreciate, however, is how many seminal comedy happenings (and comedy people)she’s been involved with during her career.

Sightseers isn’t Alice’s first time in a feature film; she’s even played another Tina in a film before, in Edgar Wright’s Hot Fuzz. Alice also appeared briefly in Ben Wheatley’s previous release, Kill List.

But let’s start back at the beginning, before the movie roles. Alice started out co-creating and performing in surreal experimental theatre shows such as City HauntsSnowbound and Progress In Flying Machines with David Mitchell and Robert Webb. Since she first graced our TV screens in 2004 in Garth Marenghi’s Darkplace as Madeleine Wool/Dr. Liz Asher, Alice’s TV appearances read like a ‘Best of British Comedy’ roll call. There have been parts in the Mighty Boosh (as Monkey in Priest & The Beast), The IT Crowd (as Patricia in Fifty-Fifty), Snuff Box (as David Bowie), This is Jinsey (as Soosan Noop) and Man to Man with Dean Learner – plus roles in game-changing TV shows such as Little Britain, Pulling, Horrible Histories, Skins and Black Books, amongst others.

She also wrote and starred in E4’s overlooked comedy series Beehive (take a look here for our review of the show if you want to know more). Plus, she’s performed with the likes of Rob Brydon, Harry Enfield and Katy Brand in their various TV outings. So far so impressive.

© Jackal Films

For anyone unfamiliar with Alice’s comedy acting skills, for a quick immersion session we’d recommend a gander at Jackal Films creative output.  In 2010 Alice teamed up with director Jacqueline Wright to produce and release a short  film per month – that’s twelve shorts in total.

The quality and range of the films is truly impressive, as are Alice’s performances – take a look at them all here. You can also see some other shorts that Alice features in by clicking on this.

Impressive stuff, but one could argue that her talents are best experienced live, where her uncanny ability to portray the unhinged and yet also sing like an angel, really come to the fore. She was part of Ealing Live in the early/mid-2000s, an experimental comedy group where many of the UK’s finest (i.e. the artists that we write about) started their stand-up careers; take a look at the column on the right of this page and you can see who was involved.

Since then Alice has performed on stage with many of her contemporaries, and we’ve been lucky enough to see her live on a number of occasions, most recently at Oram & Meeten’s Club Fantastico, where she truly shone. Alice and her co-star in Sightseers, Steve Oram, also performed together during Steve Coogan’s 2007 tour, and some would argue that their supporting role, filling in between Coogan’s character changes, provided some of the funniest moments of the show.

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Instant Snuff

5 Feb

© Severin Films

Snuff Box has been added to Netflix Instant Play.

Currently only available to American Netflix subscribers, Snuff Box in its entirety is available in DVD form as well as in an instant stream.

The series, starring Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher as a hangman and his assistant, and featuring guest appearances from Richard Ayoade, Alice Lowe and more, has gained quite a cult following in the States. This latest addition follows Snuff Box’s initial launch in the U.S., which in addition to the U.S. DVD release included a promotional tour in Los Angeles and New York  late last year.

Of course, UK Peelers feeling left out can always pick up a copy for themselves at the TVO Amazon Store.

Fulcher Talks

2 Nov

© Severin Films

Rich Fulcher has been interviewed by comedy website, Splitsider to mark the recent launch of Snuff Box in the US.

In the interview Rich explains that the series was intentionally structured like a sitcom, and reveals how the setting came about. He says, “Matt and I both wanted to do a kind of narrative. We wanted the sketches to come around in a way, and we were trying to figure out a place that we could come to in between sketches. We just started to develop this world. Initially, it was the idea of just talking, having a normal conversation while you’re hanging somebody. And then, an old mans’ club where everybody was a hangman. They’re all ex-hangmen and they hang out in this club.”

He also discusses why he believes that US TV has pipped British TV to the post in recent years, why BBC3 isn’t all that, and also what TV and radio shows he’d recommend to Snuff Box fans: “If you’re into British comedy, everybody knows Darkplace and The Boosh and even Snuff Box. So then you try to get even more into it with Dean Learner and Brass Eye and The Day Today. Radio shows are great, because a lot of shows did radio series, which were like pilots. Little Britain was on the radio and Alan Partridge was on the radio. And The Boosh radio show, I try to turn people onto that, because I think that was some of our best stuff.”

To read the interview in full, and find out why Rich particularly likes the shop scenes where Matt Berry gets beaten up,  visit Splitsider here. Don’t forget you can buy the Snuff Box DVD and most of Rich’s recommended ‘things to watch’ at the TVO Amazon store.

Fans of the Fulcher will can also enjoy a brief appearance by the man and Matt on this week’s Sklarbro Country, available here.

Sklarington Manor Meets Sklarbro Country

28 Oct

© Severin Films

Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher have done a little appearance on a podcast that goes by the name Sklarbro Country.

The Snuff Box funny men guest star on Sklarbro Country in episode 66, titled Sklarington Manor. The episode title comes from what the hosts say is “our sister podcast from across the pond” and “the British version of their show”, namely Rich and Matt’s own podcast.

The show is produced by Earwolf Media and the episode guide for the latest episode states that it is “the first of hopefully many instalments” of Sklarington Manor, courtesy of the Snuff Box men!

Rich has been on the Sklarbro Country show before, when he appeared on the aptly named I Don’t Like Cricket episode

Impatient peelers who only want to listen to the Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher bits, start listening at around 03:40 which is where the boys are introduced.

To listen to the podcast you can either visit the website here (where you are able to listen online or download an MP3 of the show) or simply go to the show’s iTunes page.

Poaching On Berry

17 Oct

Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher visit MTV Canada and Berry’s So Low single is now available on iTunes.

The comedic duo managed to squeeze in a quick chat with MTV Canada on their promotional tour earlier this month. In the short clip Fulcher and Berry talk about Snuff Box and its American release, and it is available to watch over here.

In September, Matt Berry did a live session at Rough Trade where a limited edition cassette of So Low was sold. The cassette, which quickly sold out, included a B-side with the brand new track The Poacher and if you were one of the unlucky people who missed out on the cassette… Good news! The complete So Low single with The Poacher is now available to purchase on iTunes!

As Matt tweeted about the So Low video today, why not take look below and enjoy the sweet, sweet music of the one and only Matt Berry?

How Was Fulcher’s Week?

15 Oct
© Severin Films

Rich Fulcher appears in the latest How was your week? podcast from Julie Klausner, the lady who co-hosted Friday’s Snuff Box Q and A  with him.

During the interview Rich tells why he came to live in Britain, where he met the rest of the Boosh boys and how he managed to keep the fact that he wasn’t a lawyer from his parents.

To listen to the podcast click on this link. Rich makes his appearance from around 28 minutes.

Snuff Box, the US release, is available here, and the original UK release can be purchased from the The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control we’re going to have to cancel tonight’s tweetview of episodes 1 and 2. It’s been re-arranged for next Saturday at 11pm BST.

Lower East Snuff

15 Oct
© Ashley Silverstein

Earlier this month, Rich Fulcher and Matt Berry embarked on a journey to promote Snuff Box in Los Angeles and Toronto. This week, Rich made it to New York for some final east coast Snuff.

“Of course it’ll be funny, it’s f*cking Fulcher!”

Snuff Box has been released on DVD in America! Rich Fulcher took New York City by storm on Tuesday night, concluding the mini Snuff Box press tour he and Matt Berry began last week in Los Angeles. Rich started the night with a DVD signing at popular East Village shop Kim’s. As well as stocking their shelves with the US Snuff Box DVD, out in the states from 11 Oct., they offer Boosh favourite Richard Ayoade’s Submarine. Though a modest audience—Rich himself sarcastically remarked that it was “the biggest turnout he’d ever seen”— self-proclaimed nerdy Snuff Box fans showed up in full force; Rich was inundated by Snuff Box and Boosh DVDS, and copies of his book, Tiny Acts of Rebellion.

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Snuffbox Unboxed

13 Oct

© Severin Films

This week marks the US release of Snuffbox at long last to DVD via Severin Films, and to celebrate, we thought we’d take a look back at some classic moments from the cult sketch show.

You can buy your own copy of Snuffbox from various retailers, including right now, and marvel at some all new special features featuring a host of celebrity guests, as well as six glorious episodes of comedy and a bonus soundtrack cd!

This weekend, to celebrate, TVO will be hosting its own Tweet View of the first two episodes at 11pm UK time Saturday evening – which anyone with Twitter can join in with, anywhere in the world!  Join us on our new secondary Twitter channel @TVOTweetView via the hash-tag #snuffbox.

We already delved into the reasons to love Snuffbox in our Forgotten Favourites article last year, but here are 21 of our favourite moments that make the show so special.


Snuffbox Tweet View

11 Oct

© Severin Films


This weekend, The Velvet Onion will be engaging its first ever Tweet View – in celebration of the US dvd launch of Snuffbox.

The cult favourite was released on dvd in the US today, and we’re sure a number of our readers worldwide are already proud owners of the UK or Australian releases of the show too.

Our Tweet View will take place at 11pm UK time, which is 3pm in Los Angeles, 6pm in New York – and will be for the first two episodes of the series.

If successful, we’ll host more Tweet Views for the remaining episodes – so we’re counting on you to dig out your dvds, and if you’re in the USA, to go out and buy it RIGHT NOW – and join us over on our new secondary Twitter account @TVOTweetView and we’ll be using the hash-tag #snuffbox.

The UK release is available now in The Velvet Onion Amazon Store for just £3.99!

New York Snuff Box

8 Oct
© Trixie

Rich Fulcher is continuing the promotional tour for Snuff Box with a signing at Kim’s in East Village New York, at 6.30pm on Tuesday.

This exciting news was supplied by Rich on Twitter so we have no further details, if you are interested in attending this event you should contact the store directly to find out more.

Don’t forget Rich will be on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon on Monday night.

If anyone still needs a copy of the DVD,  remember you can still get Snuff Box, the original UK release from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

More Dangerous Minds

5 Oct
© Severin Films

Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher were interviewed recently by Richard Metzger on

Rich has already been interviewed by Richard,  back in May they talked about Tiny Acts of Rebellion, and this time he’s brought Matt with him to talk about the American release of Snuff Box on DVD.

The lads talk about comedy, music and Matt’s voice. To watch the whole interview pop over to the Dangerous Minds website.

And remember that you can still get Snuff Box, the original UK release from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

Snuff Box Strikes Again!

4 Oct

© Trixie

The Snuff Box screening held in Los Angeles at The Silent Movie Theatre this past sunday was a resounding success for Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher!  The line to get in stretched around the block, and a seat was hard to come by. Lots of folks stood at the back of the theatre or in the aisles to watch the show.

The evening was hosted by Steve Agee, Rob Schrab, Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher. Steve and Rob talked about how they knew Matt and Rich, and commented and showed their favorite clips from the show. The audience got to watch their favorite clips, too.

© Trixie

Matt and Rich also performed some music from the series, which is included in the DVD. The audience was noisy and moving during Rapper with a Baby, and Matt Berry hushed them with his stunning acoustic performance of the Snuff Box Theme. Matt’s awesome performance can be seen here. If your favorite is Rapper With A Baby, here’s the link to that little number.

Best of luck to Matt and Rich as they take the Snuff Box tour to Canada!

Brilliantly enough, Cinefamily have posted a recording of the whole event online! So if you couldn’t be there in person, here’s a chance to experience it on your computer screen.

Rich Rocks Amoeba Records!

2 Oct

© Trixie

Rich Fulcher was this month’s charity auctioneer at Amoeba Records in Los Angeles. Rich’s over-the-top auctioneer style encouraged bidders to open their hearts and pockets, and by the time he was through with us, over $1,500.00 was raised for the charity Doctor’s Without Borders. Much fun was had by all, and this TVO reporter was moved to bid and win a couple of lots herself!


© Trixie

You’d think that was enough excitement for one day, but there was plenty more to come! After the auction, there was a special Snuff Box DVD signing, with Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher present to custom sign dvd’s for the many fans in who showed up to support the show. Now that the Snuff Box has been released in the states, I’m sure the fan base will grow, and it will garner an even bigger following. Congratulations, Matt and Rich!

And that wasn’t all!

© Trixie

Matt and Rich enjoyed a very successful evening at the UCB Theatre Saturday night in Los Angeles. The theatre was packed with fans, all were excited to watch the DVD screening of Snuffbox. Many fans had only seen the show in youtube clips, so watching a full episode was real treat. A couple of people, hadn’t ever seen the show, and new converts were made.

After the screening Matt and Rich took to the stage, talked about the origins of Snuff Box, and answered questions from the audience. Both gentleman were in fine form, and everyone had a good laugh. After the show, they went to the lobby, signed DVD’s and took pictures with fans.

Here’s a special TVO scoop! Matt and Rich were asked if they were currently working on a project together… The answer is YES! We were informed that that the terrific twosome are working on a project for Adult Swim!

Extra Canadian Snuff Box Live!

1 Oct

© Severin Films

Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher are currently on a promotional round for Snuff Box – and an additional Canadian show has just been added!

The two comedians will be performing Snuff Box Live! at the Comedy Bar in Toronto on October 3rd. This show at 8:00 PM is sold out, but don’t fret, because there’s now an extra late show! It will begin at 9:30 PM EDT (9:15 PM Doors) and tickets can be bought for a mere $10. More information and tickets can be found over here.

Don’t forget that Matt and Rich will be in LA tomorrow, Sunday 2nd October, at An Evening With Matt Berry & Rich Fulcher of “Snuff Box” which takes place at the Cinefamily. You can read all about it here.

And remember that you can still get Snuff Box, the original UK release from The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

Editor’s Note: Thanks to Gillian Bridge for the information.

More Matt And Rich News

29 Sep


Canadian Peelers have the chance to see Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher in Toronto, on Monday 3rd October. They are presenting Snuff Box Live! at the Comedy Bar 954 Bloor Street Toronto ON. The night will be hosted by Sean Cullen, who you may remember appeared with Rich (and Noel and Julian) in Un-natural Acts.

The show starts at 8:00 PM EDT (7:45 PM Doors) and costs $10.

This is all the information about this so contact the venue. There is a ticket link here, but they are reporting no tickets available.

Earlier this week Matt did a live session at Rough Trade Records.  There is a limited edition cassette (yes cassette) of So Low available from Rough Trade, there are only 31 left as I’m typing this so if you want one  order it here soon!

Matt also found time in his busy schedule to be interviewed by and you can read it here.

Berry And Fulcher Update

24 Sep

© Severin Films

As we mentioned previously, Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher will be promoting the long-awaited American release of Snuff Box with a couple of live appearances. We now have the details of the events taking place on 1st and 2nd October.

On Saturday 1st October, following the Charity Auction and DVD signing at Amoeba Records at 4pm, there will be a screening as well as a question and answer session at UCB Theatre in Los Angeles at 10pm PDT.

Then on Sunday, 2nd October, there is An Evening With Matt Berry & Rich Fulcher of “Snuff Box” hosted by Steve Agee and Rob Schrab at The Cinefamily Los Angeles. Details and tickets for this event can be found here.

If you can’t wait that long for your dose of Snuffbox, the original UK release is still available in The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

Fulcher & Berry Do America

16 Sep

If you’re a regular peeler you’ll already know that the US edition of Snuffbox is being released next month. What you may not be aware of is the flurry of activity that’ll be taking place around the DVD launch.

Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher will be making a handful of public appearances in Los Angeles to support the release. Here’s where you can see them (click on the links for details):

© Severin Films

1st October @ 4pm: Charity Auction and DVD signing at Amoeba Records
1st October: performance at the Upright Citizens Brigade (October schedule not yet available)
2nd October: special event at Cinefamily (October information not yet available)

If we hear of any others we’ll be sure to let you know; if you hear of any others, please let us know! And if you make it to one of the events, why not come back and tell us all about it?

If you can’t wait that long for your dose of Snuffbox the original UK release is still available in The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.

Snuff Box Is…

8 Sep

A trailer for the US edition of Snuff Box has made its way online!

Last month we revealed the front cover art of this Snuff Box edition. The US release will contain new exclusive material including a documentary about the show, filmed by Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher. Moreover, famous faces such as Paul Rudd, Simon Pegg, Russell Brand, Bill Hader, Weird Al Yankovic and The Mighty Boosh‘s very own Noel Fielding will talk about the comedic duo behind Snuff Box and their creation.

The newly released trailer shows some of these comedians and actors explaining why the show is a cult classic and why everyone should buy Snuff Box.

This complete, uncut edition will be available on October 11th through Severin Films.

For the time being, there are no plans to release this version in the United Kingdom but the original UK release is still available in The Velvet Onion Amazon Store.


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