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Sightseers Spotlight On: Steve Oram

1 Dec

Earlier today we profiled Alice Lowe, who played the female lead in Sightseers.  But what of her collaborator, co-writer and co-star? How much do you know about Steve Oram?  Trust us, there is far more to the man than just a ginger beard and a caravan. Please allow us to enlighten you…

Many Boosh fans were first introduced to Steve when he played the surprisingly articulate, cape-lovin, anti-hero, Donny the Tramp, in The Mighty Boosh episode, The Strange Tale of the Crack Fox. But in fact the industrious Mr. Oram has been at work behind-the-scenes and in front of the camera since 2001 as very productive actor, writer, and musician.

Steve Oram first came to our attention when he appeared as a policeman in the second series of the spoof documentary People Like Us. In 2002 came the hilarious Ant Muzak, a short film that chronicles Adam Ant and entourage as they grocery shop in the wee hours. In addition to performing his stand-up comedy, he made appearances on Greenwing, Tittybangbang, and also made a feature-length film,  It’s All Gone Pete Tong. 

Steve acted in the TV series The Comedy Lab, alongside many other well-known performers, including, Kevin Eldon, Ricky Gervais, Alice Lowe, Tom Meeten, and Katy Wix. One outstanding work that came from this series was the short film, Matthew and Tone: Tales of Friendship and Innocence. Steve starred as Tone, alongside Tom Meeten’s Matthew. In fact, Tom and Alice often create and collaborate with Steve, and appear with him in shows.

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The Ditch 3: The Final!

24 Dec

Lincoln Studios made movie history this week by launching a trilogy of short films over the course of 5 days. Parts 1 and 2 were released earlier this week, with Part 3 released yesterday.

The Ditch Trilogy (arguably the only trilogy-based film to be watching at the moment) presents a fresh take on the buddy movie genre, and features star turns from actors Steve Aura & Chaka Grimshaw (more familiar to us as Steve Oram and Simon Farnaby). Part 3 sees the two friends attempting to cement the bond between them as the festive season approaches:

Managing to be funny and poignant in equal measures, the three shorts are well worth watching. You can see all of them here.

The Ditch Part Deux

21 Dec

On Monday we brought you the news that Lincoln Studios was launching a trilogy of short films over the course of the week.

On Monday we introduced you to part one of the trilogy, The Ditch, a buddy movie set in the British countryside. Part two has been released today and you can see it here! This part of the story sees the friendship between the pair evolve as they discuss marriage, parenthood and Christmas. But are the cracks starting to show? To find out what lies in store for the two friends we’ll have to wait for part three, due for release on Friday!

Featuring Steve Aura & Chaka Grimshaw (more commonly known as Steve Oram and Simon Farnaby), The Ditch 2 is silly enough to be made compulsory viewing for everyone this close to Christmas.

The Ditch

19 Dec

This week sees the launch of three shorts by Lincoln Studios, starring Steve Aura & Chaka Grimshaw.

Entitled The Ditch, they tell the tale of two neighbours out in the English countryside, and in Part One, one of them is having trouble sleeping…

In reality of course, Aura & Grimshaw are none other than Steve Oram and Simon Farnaby, and with Bob Pipe (head of The Forgery Club) handling cinematography, this is one set of films you’d be mad to miss.  Come back tomorrow and Wednesday for Parts Two and Three…

Everybody’s Friend, Nobody’s Fool

14 Jun

Lincoln Studios have returned with a new experimental piece, Everybody’s Friend, Nobody’s Fool.

Purporting to feature it’s director Steve Aura [who looks suspiciously like Steve Oram to us!] and Chris Cuecamp [who, again, bears an uncanny resemblance to Tom Meeten], the feel-good film explores the pitfalls of being a ‘man-about-town’.

Just who are the mysterious Lincoln Studios?  And why have they got several lookalikes of our familiar faces in their work?  Judge for yourself below…

New Release From Lincoln Studios!

19 Dec

Steve Oram‘s pet project, Lincoln Studios has released its latest short film, a no-nonsense thriller called ‘Lincoln Tiger’.

The film follows a Lincoln-based assassin on his current job, punctuated by a series of savoury snack set pieces.  The film stars newly-discovered acting talent, Tumak (formerly of Carpets 4 less), who the publicity describes as “brooding and menacing”.  Lincoln Studios favourite,Tom Meeten, also plays a cameo.

To view the film click on the image below, or for more information about Lincoln Studios and their previous releases, visit their website.

Lincoln’s Latest

16 Nov

Lincoln Studios, the UK-based film production company which was set up a few months ago by Steve Oram, has just released its fourth  short.

Entitled The Breeze, this chilling film features one of Lincoln Studios finest actresses, the dusky Rachel Proton, as she discovers that horror can lurk in almost every place.  As the Lincoln Studios website asks, are  you brave enough to allow the terror of The Breeze to seep into your subconscious?

Heated Ballads From Lincoln

19 Oct

© Lincoln Films

Last month we announced the launch of Steve Oram‘s side project Lincoln Studios. The ‘English Hollywood’ studio’s first release was sci-fi epic Praecox, featuring Oram & Tom Meeten, alongside comic actor Alexander Kirk.  Now two follow-ups are available to view.

The first is “an erotic thriller” called Chinese Heat. Directed by “Steve Aura”, the short is described as “A simmering, sexually charged film that has got the whole of Lincoln hot under the collar!  Its […] hot-blooded performances that are definitely not suitable for under-18s!”  You have been warned… this is certainly a ‘Not Safe For Work’ clip, and you can view it right here.

The second, The Ballad Of Martin Nelson is much closer to our usual territory here at TVO, and features Simon Farnaby and Tom Meeten in a near-silent tale of interest in the titular 1989 premiership footballer.  As with previous Lincoln Films, its somewhat unusual, but we’re all very intrigued as to where this run is headed… so stay peeled for more info on future productions.

Lincoln Launched!

20 Sep


This week sees the launch of a new project planning to put the town of Lincoln on the filmmaking map.  The appropriately named Lincoln Studios is the brainchild of one Derek Evans, the co-owner of Ultimate Tan (formerly The Suntan Centre), whose goal is to create the English Hollywood.

Now, if you’ve skipped over that video, you may be wondering what on earth this has to do with The Velvet Onion.  Well, a closer look at the website should reveal all… this is really the latest project from Steve Oram, who as our video viewers can see has recruited Tom Meeten and Simon Farnaby to his cause.

The first results are a sci-fi epic known as Praecox, featuring Oram & Meeten alongside comic actor Alexander Kirk.  And with the promise of further Lincoln films in the future, its certainly worth keeping an eye on what ‘Derek Evans’ and co have in store.

You can see Praecox below, and don’t forget to check out the Lincoln Silms website over yonder.


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